Freedom! What is it about that word that has the ability to bring up so many conflicting feelings within a person? I’ve often heard people say that all they want is to be free, to live a life of freedom. Yet the daily choices they make over and over again keep them stuck in living a life of limitation and scarcity, feeling frustrated and impatient with themselves and others.

Why is that? Why would we say that all we want is to be free, yet make choices that limit us? The reason is your comfort zone and what’s familiar to you. As children, we learn to conform and limit ourselves in order to be accepted, approved of, to fit in, sometimes just to ensure that our bare survival needs are met. When a child grows up in an environment of scarcity, anger, shame, limitation etc; when they learn that in order to get their needs met they must conform, then that is what will be familiar to them as an adult. What is familiar to a person is comforting and what is comforting causes a person to feel safe. We exist believing we are only safe living within the limiting confines of our comfort zone.

Freedom is expansive. Freedom opens you up to new choices, new opportunities. Freedom feels light and as if anything is possible. When you have learned and therefore believe, that you are only safe living from a place of restriction and limitation, when you have learned to conform in order to be accepted and approved of, that is what feels familiar and comforting to you as an adult.  Ultimately, living a life of freedom comes down to “what emotions are you choosing as you take actions and move forward?”

Let me explain. You’re used to conforming in order to be approved of, to be accepted and have a sense of belonging. Those coping patterns worked for you as a child. As long as you behaved according to how your parents or primary caregivers expected you to, you were taken care of. At the very minimum, your basic survival needs were met.  While those childhood coping patterns may be supporting you in surviving as an adult, chances are they are not supporting you with Thriving; with creating a life of freedom, creativity and abundance as an adult. Here are two steps you can take to move into creating freedom in your life.

1. Pay attention and become aware of how you feel as you make choices throughout your day. Ie. If you pay a bill or an unexpected car repair happens, how do you feel in the moment as you’re paying that bill? Do you feel lack, resentment, not enough……? If so, those emotions (Energy In Motion) are the vibration and frequency you are going to move forward with and now your next choice will be made from that place of lack and resentment.

2. Now that you have become aware of the emotion you’re creating as you take action, choose to change how you feel around taking that action. Using the same example, as you pay the bill, consciously choose to feel abundant, grateful that you have the money to pay the bill (“I always have enough”), give thanks for your abundance and whatever other empowering emotions you choose. When you do this, you transform the emotion (Energy In Motion) from lack to abundance. You have now created an expansive energy field that circulates within you and radiates from you and allows the space for new opportunities and possibilities to enter your life.

Continue to pay attention as you go throughout your day to the emotion you’re creating from. Choose expansive, empowering emotions and step forward from that place of Freedom. One of the freedoms that continues to be available to us all is Choice. Choose those emotions that empower you and support you and your Life of Freedom.

About Joy Baker:

During her 25 years of training horses, Joy found she had the ability to easily connect with those that had been abused or were labelled mean by others. However, once she realized that any further career options in the horse industry were limited, she made a life altering decision and chose to focus all her time and efforts into her emotional growth. She walked away from her life with horses over 20 years ago and began her journey of Self-discovery and inner healing. It was during this time that she realized her ease at connecting with and understanding abused horses was a gift that she could offer to support and inspire humanity.

After years of soul searching and inner work, Joy has developed the ability to read the emotional energies we each carry within us and now offers remote energy clearings. Since we’re rarely taught as children how to process and let go of emotions that are limiting us, those emotions can become stuck in our bodies at a cellular level. If you’ve ever gone through any trauma in your life such as a car accident, relationship break up, loved ones dying, loss of employment, physical, sexual, emotional abuse or more, chances are you haven’t known how to deal with the emotional aftermath of those events. Those emotions then become stored in your body.

Once that happens, you can develop attachments to those limiting feelings and unconsciously create scenarios in your life that can cause feelings such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, overwhelm etc. to repeat over and over. The first step to becoming Self Empowered is awareness. Once you become aware of what’s limiting you, then it can be released and cleared.

Simply by reading the energy in the picture of a person, disempowering core beliefs, emotions and patterns are identified and cleared from the energy field and chakras. Many clients have reported having been at a loss as to where to turn next and were ready to end it all. They simply were not able to see their way out that stuck place they were in. After listening to and experiencing the clearings, they report feeling renewed and ready to experience life once again. Joy reminds us that we ALL have value, regardless of what we’ve been through, have done or have experienced.

Each remote clearing is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune up to a life changing awakening.

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