Let me ask you a question, “Have you ever felt like you’re constantly running against something invisible?”

So many times in our life we are moving from one thing to the other.  Constantly in a hurry.  Always trying to ‘get somewhere’ or do something.  Maybe it’s a fear. Maybe it’s a lingering feeling like something is going to go wrong and you just don’t know what that is. Maybe it’s just a perpetual feeling that you’re not good enough. Maybe it’s something that was said to you years ago and it just stuck.  You keep hearing it again and again.  Or maybe it’s ‘locked up’ within your emotion memory and it’s causing anxiousness deep down within you.

I know in my own life, when I was kid I was fairly athletic, but I was really, really not gifted in coordination.  For example, when it came to things like dribbling a basketball I was all ‘left’ feet and hands!

I still, to this day – and many of you will probably laugh – I still can’t dribble a basketball. I’ve tried and tried and tried, and we always had these drills where we would run across the basketball court at recess.  We’d have to basically run and dribble the ball while racing each other in a relay race.

And everybody knew, it seemed, when it was my turn.  If we were ahead I’d hear them say, “Go faster, go faster…Darius is coming up next!  We’ve got to keep our lead”.   It seemed like the whole class knew I was going to fumble it.  Now those days are long over and despite not being able to dribble a basketball, I’ve been able to succeed at many things.  Yet to this day – I’ll be honest – I still walk into a gymnasium and I sweat and start to get nervous.  Even after all my self work, there are still vibrations that are in my emotional memory to this day!

I say this because I want you to allow yourself to be a ‘work in progress’.   Give yourself the gift and lesson of FREEDOM to be a work in progress!  Even the greatest teachers are still learning each and every day.  I suggest that you remind yourself that its okay to keep learning.

Allow yourself the freedom to be imperfect.  Your imperfection is your gift.

I’ll never forget when ‘The Secret’ came out.  Everyone was vigilant and guarding their words and thoughts – or so it seemed!  I’d hear people say, “Oh, don’t say it’s too expensive”, “Oh, don’t talk about your bills being high” or “Don’t think anything negative”.  ‘The Secret’ was a terrific movie but so many interpreted it to mean that that we have to be totally positive all the time to have good things happen in our lives.

I submit to you today that I have a blessed life…but I am not 100% positive in all my thoughts.  I see the balance.  I see the good and the bad.  The blessings and challenges, and I feel my own pain.

The goal is not to avoid or suppress your feelings or thoughts, but rather to find the priceless gift and understanding that comes from your own mistakes, pains, and defeats.  Even on a day-to-day basis if a negative thought or feeling comes up go in and find the gift.  Find the lesson and reason why it was in your life.  All of this brings it back into full awareness.

If we do this we can be fully conscious, rather than ‘stuffing’ things under the rug!

Let me ask you:

What are some things in your life that were lessons?  Often times when something still aches or feels uneasy it’s because we still have not processed the emotion and found the lesson.

How do you know?

If you feel like there are things in some way holding you back, that you can’t see, that you can’t really taste, that you can’t really feel totally but you feel uneasy, that could be a sign that there’s something there possibly holding you back.

Here’s what I want you to do:

expanding-heartWhen that feeling comes up, say right after it:  “I ALLOW”. Put your hand on your heart and just breathe in: “I ALLOW” “I ALLOW”.
“I allow those situations to unfold for my greatest lesson. I allow those situations to be a great lesson. I allow love to open up and unfold in my life. I allow myself to accept and approve the things that I cannot change. And I love myself. “

Take a deep breath and allow your heart to expand right now. Allow the love of your heart to flow out. You can imagine a pink or violet light in your heart space just flowing out to the rest of the planet. Just allowing your soul and your feeling of joy to expand out and just allowing it all to be one.

Much Love and Light,


NOTE: In case you are wondering, those early days of not being able to dribble that basketball made me go deeper into myself for validation.  I caused me to find the divine power within and eventually led me to where I am today.  I do believe that if I had been great at sports I might have been content with outward validation.  Hence a very different life path might have emerged.  Everything has a divine purpose!