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Darius M Barazandeh

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Darius M Barazandeh

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Panache Desai
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Leslie Sloane
Jonette Crowley
Dr. Edwige Bingue
John Newton
Melinda Lee
Dr. Janice Carlin
Karen Curry
Marilyn Jenett
Gaylene Popovski
Christie Marie Sheldon
Rikka Zimmerman
Meg Benedicte
Dr. Alex Loyd
Tom Paladino
Kristen Alexander
Dr. Robert Pease
Krystalya Marié
Lynn Waldrop
Mary Beth Vanderlinden
Sherry Phillips Swatek
Wes Burwell
Micheila Sheldan
Edward Mannix
Mas Sajady
April Olas
Dr. Gene Ang
Kaitlyn Keyt
Clayton Nolte
Saryon Michael White
Colby Wilk
Cristina Bevir
Michelle Gilberto
Elma Mayer
Ethann Fox
Jody Mittiga
Annett Schneider
Adoley Odunton
Debbie Johnson
Mariana Cooper
Adam Heller
Esther Bartkiw
Mashhur Anam
Kari Samuels
Michelle Carter
Dr. Jean Logan
Rudy Hunter
Jenny Ngo
Alee Hoffman
Gail & Gregory Hoag
Julie Renee Doering
Rann Goldrich
Kelly Hampton

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Discover Your Energy Profile and say "YES" to More Ease, Joy & Freedom (In 30 Seconds!)

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You'll Get a FREE Personal Energy Profile Report + Daily Energetic Support Live!

Here’s what our listeners are saying…

What a release and a freeing for me.  I am no longer tied up with negative emotions and fear. What a feeling!!! — Teresa in Blacksburg


You have created a sanctuary and safe haven for all of us lovers to gather and be loved. I am so grateful to have a place I can return to each day as a reminder that I am not alone and am supported.



You Wealth Revolution… the biggest difference between this show and all the others is the host. I always feel how much he cares for the audience. He allows us to feel safe and loved as we all journey together to a lighter path as brothers and sisters.



I love You Wealth and you Darius for bringing such a great forum to the forefront. I started listening to you three years ago. I don’t remember how you showed up in my in box, you have lifted me, supported me and loved me….



What I love the most about the people in the show as well as yourself is the genuine desire to help, communicate, cooperate and contribute at their highest level. I’m now even at the point where I can call myself a Lightworker.



Darius, You all have a special place in my heart… The emotion and energy all of you share makes your show feel like a safe, warm place to feel open and willing to learn without any judgment. Thank you!!!

Catherine Christmas

Catherine Christmas

More than anything, your show has helped me shift and clear years upon years of genetic cycles, at very crucial times, and I see the changes every day in my present family. Thank you so very much for holding the space and facilitating such massive love and peace for my family.

FREE INSTANT ACCESS – 7 Bonuses you can have right now (a $397 Value)

  1. Your Personalized Energy Profile Report

    Darius Barazandeh

    Much like a fingerprint, your Energy Profile is unique to you. You'll get a FREE Personalized Energy Profile Report for joining You Wealth Revolution's Project ASCEND™. In it you'll discover where you have inactive or closed energy centers and exactly what to do about it. As you move into our LIVE Project ASCEND™ sessions you understand where you can begin 're-open' and active Energy Centers for the fastest path to move love, abundance and joy — all yours FREE!

  2. Ganesha / AbunDance MP3

    Panache Desai

    Ascend into authentic alignment and remove your obstacles as you are immersed in the explosive energy and hypnotic rhythms of Panache Desai's dynamic movement meditation Ganesha / AbunDance dance track from his MC I AM Dance Away Your Density album. Panache Desai returns to his east London roots and the raw power of hip-hop and electronic dance music as MC I-AM to bring a potent message through the vibrational medium of music.

  3. 2016: A New Release, Journey and Symbol MP3

    Jarrad Hewett

    Updated for 2016 with The Energy of The Language of Light

    Filled with the Light of Truth and Love, this Spoken Word Energy Journey from Jarrad Hewett is all about connecting in with your Self at the most Expanded Level Possible… and then Releasing INTO and CREATING a whole new You!

    Infused with the Energy of Pure Source and Silent Frequency from The Language of Light, you'll feel filled, whole, and complete at every level as this journey heals at every level and brings you into your Self, and into the World in a Whole, New Way.

  4. Karma Clearing Course PDFs, MP3s, CHART

    Julie Renee Doering

    Rejuvenation Expert Julie Renee will help you clear unwanted Karma and attain Emotional Freedom, through her live on-line course "End Karma".

    This popular training session will open the path to freedom in your interaction with friends, family, co-workers and any past connections.

    End Karma — Experience Emotional Freedom was originally exclusive to VIP members, however due to popular demand, Julie Renee will now release the program to the general public.

  5. Numerology Guide to a Happy Life PDF

    Kari Samuels

    Decode your destiny. Your soul's blueprint is written in your birth date.

    The day you were born was divinely designed for you to fulfill your soul's purpose. In this Numerology Guide, you will discover your unique soul's code illuminating your gifts, talents, and abilities, as well as your spiritual lessons, challenges and opportunities. You will discover your personal cycles for divine timing, relationship compatibility, angel numbers and more. Once you discover your personal numerology, your life will unfold with purpose, prosperity and joy!

  6. Ear, Nose and Throat MP3

    Lynn Waldrop

    Lynn combines 3 of the body's senses into one powerful MP3. She detoxes the body of everything from sinuses and post nasal drip to restructuring and reshaping broken noses to get rid of the bump. In the ears she plays with the Auditory nerve and Eustachian tubes all while doing a wax clean-out. Finally in the throat — she releases energies that are stuck in the throat causing inflammation, GERD and more. Time to clear those ENT issues!

  7. The Power of Grace MP3

    Kelly Hampton

    Join the energy created by a healing process and vibrational messages lead by Ascended Master Jesus who reminds us about the importance of embracing grace and what a powerful healing tool of transformation it is!

    Follow these divine teachings with prophecies from Archangel Michael about 2016 and how to handle the "bumps" which may appear. Be inspired!

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