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Darius M. Barazandeh, Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution Network

Legendary Transformational Leaders All Agree…

Panache is a conduit for empowered solutions that positively impact the lives of individuals around the world. His authentic vulnerability allows him to serve as a bridge out of fear, lack and scarcity into the miracle, magnificence and brilliance that is life.

Panache Desai

Best Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher and Guide

When I wanted to create IMPACT and reach for me program "Fast Track Your Hormone Cure," I appeared on Darius Barazandeh's show, You Wealth Revolution. The experience was far beyond my expectations. Darius' reach made him my #1 affiliate in my best-selling launch for The Hormone Cure. Darius is masterful at presenting you to the world and his show is HEARTFELT, CARING and connects you to a broad global audience. He is the next generation of online education and information, and his team is first-class. Warmest thanks to you and your community, Darius!

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Author of the New York Times bestselling books, The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet

I've done many teleseminars with a variety of interviewers and guests, and the programs Darius does are some of the best I've ever been part of or seen. His ability to bring together world-class experts and attract participants from all over the world who are willing to invest their time and money in taking their lives to the next level — is unparalleled. He's not just creating great educational programs, he's creating a powerful profitable movement that is making a real and lasting impact on the planet!

Derek Rydall

Spiritual Teacher, Creator of the Law of Emergence™ and Emergineering Process

The You Wealth Revolution is a one-of-a-kind experience that is guaranteed to change your life. The founder, Darius Barazandeh brings together the highest caliber of thought leaders and healers of our time that help you awaken to your true potential. As a recent guest presenter, I was honored to be included in such a world-renowned faculty. Thanks to Darius, many lives are shifting with more grace and ease thanks to the excellent programs he provides.

Carol Tuttle

Master Energy Therapist, Author, and Spiritual Teacher

I was really surprised at the success of your last seminar. More particularly, I was extremely impressed with the large audience that you have from all over the world. Having worked on the earthing research for a dozen years, I want to gratefully thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this work with your listeners and help me raise their awareness of the significant and beneficial effects the natural world has on our health and well-being. I would suggest that anyone who has new health information and related products that want to share it with the world; they should strongly consider participating in your 'You Wealth Revolution.'

Clint Ober

Earthing Discoverer

Darius Barazandeh is at the absolute top of my list of event creators and marketers. He is a superb host, with a wonderful engaging personality that allows his guests and his audience to really connect with him. In addition, he has the skills to bring all the disparate elements of a global event together and make it happen. He has created the most successful events I have participated in, and I plan on being associated with him for a long, long time. If you are looking for someone who can create a profitable and powerful 'movement,' look no further.

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Renowned Holistic Physician and Lecturer

Darius M. Barazandeh has an amazing knack for creating sweeping changes in the Self Improvement industry. I was happy to be invited onto Darius' "You Wealth Revolution" Online Event. My sales were through the roof, because Darius created an on-point, world-class, effective strategy to bring together top-notch experts and top-notch participants looking for growth and change. With a mixologist's skills, Darius worked his magic and made everyone happy to participate in the event. I feel very fortunate to recommend and event he puts on!

Christie Marie Sheldon

Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Counselor & Founder of Soul Mastery™

My aim is to change the world. Partnering with Darius and his You Wealth Revolution telesummit allowed me to do just that. Darius has created a loyal following of thousands of people from around the world who desire what he has to offer. As a host, he's absolutely engaging and second-to-none! And his people love him! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Darius and his team if you'd like to be a prat of a world-changing event, where you are well taken care of, and one that is also highly profitable for you.

Dr. Dain Heer

Author and Co-Creator of Access Consciousness

I have been presenting regularly on Daris' "You Wealth Revolution" telesummits since his winter series 2011-2012 and have loved each and every show we do. Darius is one of my favorite show hosts, for he brings out the best in me for each show. I love his enthusiasm and high energy. I always look forward to his shows and to connecting with him personally. He is a joy to be with and he does have a gift of bringing out the best in his presenters, no matter the topic. I will always be grateful to him for giving me the chance to share my gifts with his audience and the world.

Kenji Kumara

Energy Worker and Creator of Quantum Lightweaving™

Darius' deep love and caring for humanity beams out of his interviews like a beacon of light that inspires and empowers his listeners to have their best life ever! You won't want to miss being touched by his love and connection, it will change your life forever! Thank you for the gift you have been for me and the world!

Rikka Zimmerman

Global Consciousness Leader, Speaker and Author

I LOVED being on the You Wealth Revolution! Darius is a rockstar host. I was inspired by him and his audience. I'm glad to have made the connection and look forward to collaborating again in the future!

Claire Zammit

Transformative educator; co-creator/co-leader of the Feminine Power courses

The You Wealth Revolution is without a doubt the #1 platform in this industry. With authenticity and an open heart, founder and host Darius Barazandeh has grown his audience, year after year, to become the standard bearer in tele summits, helping speakers not only express their message, but expand their brand, increase their sales, and grow their lists.

Jarrad Hewett

3 Time Best-selling Author, Multi Dimensional Energy Expert, and Founder of the Quantum Technology Frequency Method™

Darius and the You Wealth team have become a second family to me. My deepest passion has always been to support and empower others to create their greatest life's vision, and I've dedicated my life to this cause. Darius saw this right away. He transcends judgements, and sees the true essence of each guest he works with. Darius has now become one of my dear friends and colleagues, and I am forever grateful for his support, kindness, and compassion to not only me, but his sacred community he's built over the years. If you're ready to soar with your message and gifts, allow Darius and the You Wealth team to help you achieve just that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I look forward to continuing to be here for Darius and the YWR for as long as they allow me to.

Emmanuel Dagher

Transformation Healer and Conscious Energy Guide

Darius and the You Wealth team are remarkable and truly on the leading edge of the telesummit revolution. Darius is superb at bringing those with very high level gifts and expertise to a community of beautiful, awakened souls hungry to be inspired and transformed. Darius is intuitive and heart centered and is excellent at bringing forth the best of his presenters and beloved community.

Darius and his staff take their service very seriously and lightheartedly, with great love threading through everything they offer. They are spearheading a global movement that I am honored to be a part of. You will find yourself embraced by a tremendous platform for sharing your knowledge and contribution to the world.

Susann Taylor Shier

Best-selling Author, Spiritual Counselor & Founder of Soul Mastery™

Wow, Darius is a great interviewer, an emotionally intelligent host, and did a wonderful job presenting the offer!

Dawson Church

Award Winning Author, EFT Expert, Founder Soul Medicine Institute

Darius holds a space of love for every person joining the "You Wealth Revolution" family. He masterfully brings together the best of New Thought and Transformational Healers and Speakers to come together with a single purpose to create change in the world! I am honored to be a part of this movement and look forward to creating magical moments in the future.

If your desire is to be a part of Global change, I highly recommend Darius and his amazing team!

Dr. Edwige Bingue

Lightbody Mentor, Light Code Activator, Metaphysical Practitioner, Author & Speaker

Darius has a heart as big as the universe, with wisdom to match. His amazing Telesummits bring great spiritual knowledge and awakening to many who would otherwise never have access to such treasures. Darius is an unparalleled master at his craft, and I endorse him.

Dr. Susan Shumsky

Pioneer in Human Potential, Spiritual Teacher, Best-Selling Author, and founder of Divine Revelation®

I am thrilled to have been a featured expert guest on the You Wealth Revolution Summit. I have felt very taken care of with behind the scenes set up and concerns prior to and following the show. Darius is more than gifted, he is a visionary and talented interviewer. He brings his wisdom and love to the questions he asks and holds his speakers up on an elevated plane of love, wisdom and sharing.

You Wealth Revolution has helped me dramatically increase my personal reach and get my message out into the world at light speed. It has also helped me manifest my personal goals and dreams as sales have broken the glass ceiling catapulting me into the life I imagined and have now realized!

Julie Renee

Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Master Health Activator

It is such a pleasure to have been a guest speaker several times this year on You Wealth Revolution. Darius Barazandeh has a very special energy that genuinely exudes interest, kindness, grace and compassion. He is an excellent talk show host. He and the team at You Wealth Revolution are well organized, excellent at promoting the show and have a huge international following. Although I have given all material to the You Wealth team for my special offers in my preferred format, they actually enhance it. I have achieved sales and website sign ups that far exceeded my expectations. Pay outs are prompt and efficient. I also align with the message and support of You Wealth Revolution and it is a pleasure to be associated with Darius, Sonya and the team.

Judy Satori

Internationally Recognized Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher

My experience with Darius and the entire You Wealth Team really stands out in the Telesummit Crowd! Darius has a tremendous gift for connecting with his audience and motivating them to take action. Every aspect from the marketing campaign, to the interview, the encore, as well as customer support was seamless, profitable, and valuable in every way! The You Wealth community was a perfect fit for my work with Biofield Healing and the Pain Free Living Program and as a result, I've been able to expand my reach and make a much greater contribution to people's health and happiness around the globe. I am so grateful and honored to be amongst this group of high-quality presenters… I just can't rave enough ! Thank You so much Darius, and your amazing team and entire community!

Debora Wayne

Founder of "The Pain Free Living Program", Director of The Biofield Healing Institute

Earn Money and Customers During the You Wealth Broadcasting Network "New Energy, New You!™" Event!!
Earn Money and Customers During the You Wealth Broadcasting Network "New Energy, New You!™" Event!!

The Opportunity

'You Wealth' Revolution Network is a heart based global intention event happening now, featuring the world's leading inspirational change agents, wealth creators, authors and teachers. Our purpose is to awaken millions to connect with their inner wealth, passion and purpose and create the amazing and inspired life they so richly deserve.

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