No – its not 2 dimensional cooking – this is co-creating your food with the help of the second dimension!!

These days we are all “looking up” – lets ascend – lets get to the 5th dimension!

And while are minds and “energy work” skills are truly “getting there” – our physical bodies lag behind. They have to – or we would literally fry our electrical system. We are changing from a carbon based body to crystalline based (light) body – and we are the guinea pigs!

Now let’s switch the subject a bit –

It is VERY hard to find truly nutritious foods – let’s face it! Our environment and foods have been – lets just say – revised… to put it kindly. The outside air, the soil we grow in, the seeds that are planted, the spray used on the plants ….. the processing that is done to the food after harvest …. Need I go on?

So what are we to do ? Well we can use our magic wands to reenergize our foods ( some of you have them (smile)). But no matter how we cook – or even if we are a raw foodist and spend big bucks for “organic” food, foods just “ain’t what they used to be!”

A couple of main reasons

1. As described briefly above – nutrients are leached out, sprayed out, cooked out even.

2. We have lost the skill to return the food literally “back to life”

We have lost our CULTURE in a literal sense!

Which brings me to – ta da! Culturing your food!

The lost art of culturing and fermentation can return your food to life.

It is the ONLY food preparation process that INCREASES the synergetic nutrients rather than decrease them.

These processes produce what is called PRObiotics = for life, an increase in life force ( energy) .

Whether it is bread, beverages, vegetables and even meats – these were the processes used by our immediate ancestors to preserve our food when there was no refrigeration.

NOW we can look at these processes in a very different light … every pun intended!

The simple process is that beneficial bacteria can help us “prepare” our food.

Why do I call this the Second Dimension??

If you have not read Barbara Hand Clow’s book, The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, then I recommend that you do.

The information attempts to explain the base nine dimensions by channeled info AND 3d science – which, crazy enough, does it from both angles very well.

If you don’t want to read the book, has two interview segments where she explains dimensions 1-9.

In summary : the first dimension of earth is the iron core crystal, the second is the area between this crystal – the m&ms (the microbes and minerals) and the surface – which is 3D. and so on.

So if we relate this to the body – OUR iron core is our blood, the second dimension is the microbes that break down minerals FOR us – that help us survive in 3D.

(you can find out more about our 9D body’s in my You Wealth Package

As Above so Below.

Just like we have mined the Mother Earth of minerals, used her oil, and taken the life out of her without replenishing her – – we have depleted our minerals and used anti biotics to deplete the life out of us.

The life in us are these symbiotic bacteria that outnumber us 10 to 1 * in our body. Did you know that the 3D human organism is more bacteria DNA than human DNA? We share this body with lots of critters – that are there to help the body itself.

When they are in balance our immune system works wonderfully, our food digests and dis-eased cells are broken down.

This second dimension has a consciousness – and I have experienced it when preparing food.

So how do we prepare our foods WITH these helpers?

We make real cultured catsup, mustard, and condiments.

We make REAL probiotic pickles (this is NOT canning food mind you…)

We have the 2nd dimension help us prepare our wheat so that it is digestible.

We make healthy beverages that nourish us, quench our thirst and literally are full of life.

We make salad dressings that help digest our meal.

No matter what you think your diet should be right now – you should ADD these skills to your healthy regiment.

Its learning how to make foods like water kefir, dairy kefir, kombucha, pimma cream, cultured sour cream, sourdough, cultured veggies and even your own live apple cider vinegar.

We have forgotten how to prepare our foods to

1. increase/maintain the nutrients (who knew that was really possible)

2. optimize digestion

AND #3) reduce toxins in our food.

Just like mushrooms reduce toxins and breakdown organic matter in the forest.

The bacteria we so despise are like our breakdown friends for our body.

Can they get out of control?? You bet they can! They get imbalanced – because they are trying to fight the very things that are not good for us that we have let get out of control.

Want to learn all about these foods and how to make them?

You are bound to be able to find something you like – in the diet that you choose. Heck you can even make a salad dressing probiotic by using the right vinegar!

Stay Nourished,

Chef Cathy

About The Author:

Cathy Hohmeyer, Nutritional Energetics “Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body. Cathy began studying energetics early in her Occupational Therapy career while understanding 3d body health and wellness.

She began her “shift”, giving up a supervisory promotion in Washington DC and returning to her native small town to develop a small resort for health and wellness. Working on different model, she and her family have developed a place in nature, for rejuvenation, which now fits into today’s true wellness pattern.

Cathy has studied with some of the best energy activators, always looking at developing her signature Nutritional Energetics program relating it to body systems and nutrition.

With her “self-empowered energetics” program, she works to clear blocks and energies not serving the body, while providing energetic nutrition to get the body’s frequencies back in focus and return it to its natural healing state. Studying traditional foods and super foods, she has brought these areas into the energetics arena for nutrition that can run deep, disregarding the concerns of foods that we may not be able to “digest” on a 3d level.

Chef Cathy teaches how to nourish our multidimensional selves through 9 levels of nutrition. Just like Mother Earth who has dimensions from the iron core crystal to the cosmos – so do humans have the ability to nourish themselves at different levels, through different avenues. In her restaurant, she uses her unique skills to energize foods her customers eat and works with willing participants on an individual level – teaching them how to nourish their Family – through the 9 dimensions.