Have you ever wondered if Spirit, God Source, and the angels are trying to send you signals?

I believe that Source send us messages every day but often times we don’t want to hear them. We’re too busy running our life or doing the things that we need to in order to succeed or survive.   As a result I miss out on God’s signals.

I’ll never forget, before my first marriage, which did not work out, I had this feeling and it was a deep feeling of ‘uneasiness’. It was this feeling like deep down inside of my body that something wasn’t right. It was with me at all times.  It was there when we talked about getting a wedding band, when we went to look at rings, when we went to go look at the dinnerware, when we looked at even the venue… I had this deep uneasy feeling.

Now, some of you might say, “Well, Darius, how do you know that that wasn’t just an unconscious fear or maybe it was even excitement?”

Many spiritual teachers are suggest that anxiety is just excitement because you’re growing into something new.  While this may be true, I am talking about something much deeper.  I am talking about a deep ‘knowing’.

This knowing is what God and Source has put within you because it knows what’s best. It knows for you right now where healing is going to come from. It knows where the opportunity is going to come from. It knows where in many cases abundance or romance or love is going to come from.

Like so many I thought it was just my imagination.  I pressed on. I went forward. I said, ‘No, no, no. You know, I’m going to make this work. I know better.’ The next day, during the wedding, I felt it again, and I thought, ‘Well, once the pastor says those words and says that, you know, you’re married, it’s going to feel better.’ Well, you know what? I felt it during the honeymoon, I felt it during the honeymoon night, and I felt it and it never went away until some years later and the marriage dissolved and I met my present wife.

This was Spirit. This was God telling me that this was not for me.

Now, maybe some of you today have been feeling something like this in your life.  Here’s why this is important: I believe you would get the energy healing, you would get the breakthrough financially, you would get the breakthrough if you would listen and you could get those messages.

Your next question might be, “What does this knowing feel like?”

Here’s what I suggest to really connect:

unplugThe First Step is to – ‘Unplug’ from the External and Plug into the Internal:

To really plug into this wellspring of truth I believe we need to do is stop looking on the outside for answers.  In our ‘connected world’ become inundated today with distraction.  Instead of creation, intuition and peace we have become connected to distraction.

Put the T.V. on hold. Turn off the morning news. Turn off the entertainment and plug into the stillness. What is Source trying to tell you in this moment?  Is there an uneasiness in your body somewhere?  Ask what its purpose is.

There’s a wealth of ideas and joy and abundance and peace inside of you, steps to take, people to forgive, ways to heal, calls to make, things to do.

The second thing is to discern the difference between excitement and anxiety and a lack of peace.

Do you know that during my marriage to my present wife – I’ve never felt uneasy. I never felt worried as we were getting ready. I never felt worried asking her. I never felt worried at any moment. I never felt this lack of peace. To me it’s this feeling like deep down inside right in my gut that everything is okay.  Was I nervous at times – YES, but I never had a lack of peace.

You know, some of us become so used to forcing decisions and forcing life that we can’t even really tell what it’s like to feel at peace with something. So ask yourself right now what it is maybe that you’re not at peace with and is it time to go in and shift that.

trust-yourselfThird, follow your hunches and ‘gut’, rather than temporary ’emotions’:

I’ll never forget it was back in 2010. My business was slowing down and I had little prospects; hadn’t started You Wealth Revolution yet but I was moving in this direction, and an old business partner came to see me with an idea. She wanted to produce this very show, or what would have been this show.

And we’d worked together before. She had been somewhat successful. And I was nervous and I wanted some support and it would have been really easy when she offered that to me to just say yes – yes, I’ll do it. But I knew that I still had this deep uneasy feeling and it just wasn’t right.

You see, in the moment I might have felt some relief. I might have felt like, okay, it’s all figured out. But I knew that uneasy feeling would come right back. And it wasn’t just a few short weeks later that Spirit brought me another opportunity, the perfect person that I could work with to create the global tele-event called http://www.youwealthrevolution.com.

Some of you right now have opportunities at your doorstep for abundance, for love, for more energy, vitality, romance, expansion – even healing. Spirit is telling you what to do in its own voice. I urge you to go back and listen to the still voice.

Spirit works in us and it knows what we need to do in ways that we can’t even imagine – can’t even imagine. Things can happen incredibly fast when we listen.  I’ve seen doors open for people that a lifetime of hard work and struggle could not open.

Trust your inner wisdom.

gratefulLet’s ground this knowledge in your body:

Take a deep breath in and put your hands on your heart. Just allow everything to quiet down and rest. And just repeat after me: stillness, stillness, stillness. We ask Source to come in right now and to give us the guidance today during this session, during this time, so that we can make the decisions have the energetic healings, the transformations, the connections back to love that we desire.

We ask Source to come in and give us probings and feelings, maybe a little stronger today so that we can know that Source is there.

We ask that those helping us today – those angels and guides – come on maybe a little bit stronger and clearer today so we can discern what’s right for us now and that today be a day of transformation, of opening, and of possibility.

And I believe if you’ve uttered this, if you’ve felt a subtle shift in your heart that something big will open up today, something magical and special will come through today because you did this.

Much Love and Light,