Many times when we want to create something new in our life we go at it with this initial excitement.

Yet if we could probe our mind and thoughts we might discover that we keep replaying the same negative and discouraged frequency again and again.

excitementOften times it’s a frequency of lack. This can take the shape of a frequency of ‘I’m not enough’. Or it might be the frequency of ‘I can’t’ or ‘it’ll just never to happen to me’. And I understand exactly what it’s like to want a change – yet something keeps holding you back.  In this article I want to give you some suggestions that have helped me transform my reality very quickly.  I’ve been able to get nearly anything I truly want starting out with these simple steps.

Here’s an example, after my first marriage ended I was fortunate to find love again. I remember being so excited right before I was going to ask my current wife to marry me. We were in San Antonio, Texas in an area called the ‘River Walk’, and there I was, I had the ring in hand and I was walking back to the hotel room and I was planning out exactly how I was going to propose.

I found this little island called ‘Marriage Island’ on the San Antonio River Walk, this place that dates back to the 1600s – a tiny patch of land with beautiful energy and significance.  Yet despite all the beauty around me in my mind I could still hear this record playing again and again – “Oh, you know what happened the last time…what’s going to happen if you mess up again? What would family and friends say? What would happen if she’s not the one that you think?”

frequency-sqAll my fears started coming up.  All the worry.  All the anxiety.  In that moment I could have changed my mind, choose to listen and that frequency build the rest of my life from that place.  Here’s what I am saying, I realized I had to play a different frequency. It wasn’t enough for me just to ignore it and keep going on.  Because physically even if I ‘worked hard’, ‘pushed’ or ‘went through the motions’ it couldn’t last.

Here’s a KEY TRUTH: First cause is always what is being held in the mind.

We’ve got to turn off that ‘broken’ record if we’re going to see a different world.  So many spiritual people are holding out for better circumstances.  I see people everyday who think that God, spirit and creative source can make miracles happen WITHOUT our participation.  Instead remember all of this reality works THROUGH YOU rather than to you.

Ask yourself this question:  Is the Universe unlimited?  Most people would say “Yes, Darius I think it is”.  Then tell me what frequency does that unlimited Universe resonate at? Does the Universe play a frequency of ‘I’m not enough; I can’t; I’ll never happen to me’?

Here’s the key: I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t worried.  My heart knew it was the right thing.  Yet it was the record of my mind that had the problem. I had somehow developed a pattern in this one area of my life where I replayed this frequency. Even though my heart was telling me it was so, my mind had developed this pattern.

So I want to share a few things really quickly that will help you to shift this frequency.

First, the frequency and the messages you’re playing in your mind are actually creating your feelings, they create your moment to moment emotion. If you plug into a great frequency of ‘I can do it’ or ‘I am loved’ or ‘it’s possible’ or ‘look at how beautiful the world is’, your feelings change.  When feelings change emotions change.  So to change the frequency you can say, “Cancel”.  On a vibrational scale the world ‘cancel’ goes deep and neutralizes the effect of a frequency that does not serve you.  I’ve see this again and again.

The second thing to remember is that emotions transform how you act. They transform how you see, how you connect, the ideas you have, the visions, the excitement you bring into the world, the way people see you. They change the energy field around you. You want to transform fast, change the frequency or feelings.  To do this transform the thought.  The actions you take will either transform your world into a new one or will sustain the old world you’ve been trapped in.  So after you say ‘cancel’ and feel yourself getting back into center – check back in with your heart.  Ask yourself, “From the highest part of me is this still what I truly and deeply want?”  Lastly, plant in my mind pictures, images, scenes, feelings of the outcome you want.  Do this until you feel your entire state change. This ‘state’ change is a frequency change.  It’s critical to be able to become aware of when this happens in your system.  You’ll know it.

The third is to remember that God Source gave us free will.  In my own life I’ve seen source work most often through me.  I said ‘through’ me not ‘to’ or ‘at’ me.  This is because of free will.  Source does not take away problems. This free will creates miracles, changes to situations, people and even inanimate objects based on the frequency we hold.  Often times the ‘miracle’ we are expecting begins to open up at the moment we change our ‘thought frequency’ consistently.  I’ve heard this again and again through so many people.  Remember, reality happens THROUGH us more often than TO us.  Dwell on that one for a while.

Let’s hold out the intention to turn over a new leaf today. See yourself today – this is my wish – as the Universe sees you, as unlimited and as expansive and as beautiful as Source. If you do this repeatedly, my friends, I promise you your world will change.

heartIntention Exercise:

Put your hand back on your heart if it’s been moved and let’s just take a deep breath in, holding in the intention of pure possibility, breathing in the intention of ‘I am good’, breathing in the
intentionality and vibration of ‘I am able’. Breathe in the intention that today is a new day, breathe in the intention of ‘I feel good’, and breathe in the intention that ‘I am love’.

Let your heart begin to expand out all around you. You may begin to see a bright pink light around your field, a bright pink energy source just connecting you. You may feel a peace inside. Just allow that to come in. And allow right now a part of you that needs healing today.

Much Love and Light,