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Source Field Activation - The Miracles of Spring-And The Miracle of YOU

The Miracles of Spring-And The Miracle of YOU

There’s nothing more invigorating, more breathtaking than awakening to find glorious spring flowers that have miraculously burst through the soil into full bloom.  I find myself mesmerized by them, both astonished by and grateful for their exquisite beauty.  Staying in that moment and allowing stream of consciousness to take over, I might ask “could there be a more obvious…

Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising!

Overview When the thirteen lost Crystal Skulls of Atlantis are all recovered and reunited – it will signal the beginning of the ascension of Mankind to the divine realm. … The signs are strong and clear. A new dawn is at hand. As we raise mankind’s energy and consciousness – more skulls will be found.…



I work with many light warrior sensitive souls who have been on the spiritual path for many years.  Many have done a lot of work on clearing past traumas, emotions, and limiting beliefs while on their path to manifesting abundance.  Those that are familiar with, and not afraid of, acknowledging and releasing dark energies such…