There’s nothing more invigorating, more breathtaking than awakening to find glorious spring flowers that have miraculously burst through the soil into full bloom.  I find myself mesmerized by them, both astonished by and grateful for their exquisite beauty.  Staying in that moment and allowing stream of consciousness to take over, I might ask “could there be a more obvious expression of the amazing power of the energy within all living things?…what was the process here?…did a natural sequence of events just take over?…was there a struggle to break through the soil?…are there other plants still under the soil, equally beautiful, somehow stuck on thpath to the light, not quite ready to expose their magnificence?…” 

As an ever-evolving spiritual teacher and the creator of Source Field Activation, I find myself embracing the simplicity and power of these natural processes more and more as time goes by. Every living thing is defined by its own magnificence and passionEvery living thing strives to embody its unique gifts. Every living thing is inherently miraculous.  

When I take that first look at just about everyone I meet, I’m immediately drawn to their innate magnificence. It’s just so obvious. So transparent. Everyone is so unique and so giftedIt’s fascinating…and exhilaratingImagining the unlimited possibilities, both individually and collectively is almost mind-boggling. It’s the thing I love most about my work. 

So if there’s such a goldmine of gifts inside of each of us, why do we have such difficulties allowing them to blossom? What is stopping all of us from allowing ourselves to naturally flow along with the ever-expanding pulse of life that works so well for other living things?  Why can’t you just “be” all that you’re clearly meant to be? Why can’t you just naturally burst through your blocks like the flowers burst through the soil? What in the world could be stopping you?   

Take a moment right now to think about what is blocking you from being all that you can be. What’s blocking you from your innate magnificence? From your perfect careerfinancial independencetruly loving relationships?   

Is your mind jumping immediately to the various traumas that you experienced as a child?  Have you reached an understanding with yourself over the years…to explain the reasons that you haven’t attained the level of success that you know you deserve? Have you taken ownership of a mediocre life when everything within you is telling you to reach for the stars?  Have you settled into being right about being victimized, and allowed that belief to color every choice that you’ve made ever since?  Have you? 

Okay, good. There’s your answer. In case you forgot, the question was… “What in the world could be stopping you?” And now you have the answer.  

You.  You’re stopping you. 

You see, it’s not those old events and traumas that are causing the issues, it’s your mind’s ability to empower them and carefully lead them from the realm of old memories into today’s excuse for not facing your magnificence. It’s a vicious cycle that is guaranteed to drain your energy and keep your passions at bay.  

So how do you stop the cycle?  How do you stop blocking yourself? This incredibly important question has taken me years to answer. Years of utter fascination with the transformation process, years of facilitating seemingly miraculous physical and emotional healings, years of study and teaching and coaching and speaking. It’s taken awhile but I’m confident now that I know the answer. It’s pretty obvious once you get it….How do you stop blocking yourself? 


You just stop. Period.  Couldn’t be much simpler. You just stop. 

In that moment when you are resonating with your true power, when you are truly plugged into the power of your own magnificence, you just move forward with passion. And when your ego proudly presents you the best of excuses for why it’s better to stay “safe”why it’s better to stay in what it considers to be your “comfort zone”, when you feel yourself slipping back into the familiarity of those old patterns, you just make a choice.  You stop.  You make another choice.  Like the spring flowers bursting through the soil, you forget about the soil and focus on the light.  And the natural progression of life just leads you to exactly where you are destined to be.  

Can it really be this simple?  



I’ve watched miraculous transformations facilitated in many, many lives just by simple shifts in energy, in awareness, in focus.  It’s about allowing your energy to rise to the vibrational frequency of your true magnificence. It’s about taking back control from those neurons that you once programmed to keep you safe. It’s about letting go of the past and trusting the essence of divinity within you.  It’s about fully being who you already are.  

Ready to give it a try? 

I invite you to merge with the essence of magnificence within you and begin sharing your unique gifts. Plug into the unlimited energy of the divine and allow us all to be mesmerized by the power and beauty within youThe time is now.  It’s time for you to claim your position among the many miracles around you. Become that miracleThe world has been waiting.  

About Clardy Malugen

Clardy Malugen, MA, MFA, creator of Source Field Activation and the Frequency Formula, is an internationally-acclaimed master healer, medical intuitive, and speaker. Clardy has facilitated thousands of instantaneous transformations, of both emotional and physical limitations, that have been described as “miraculous”. Her unique gifts and insights regarding health, wealth, and relationships have radically transformed the lives of celebrities and athletes, business and political leaders, best-selling authors, and many others. Her book, Let’s Manifest Miracles!, is a powerful tool for both personal and planetary transformation.  

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