“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ~ Ward

In my journey to happiness, it took me awhile to get to this constant state of gratitude I reside in daily.  It is the parent of all other emotions, and I can’t emphasize enough that THIS is the key to EVERYTHING good in life.  Gratitude leads to making more money, maintaining happiness, health, freedom, and an overall better quality of life.

What is so difficult to initially overcome is that we have a natural tendency of not appreciating what we have as opposed to focusing on thankfulness of where we currently are as well as what we currently possess.  It is important to continually strive toward goals as well as bettering ourselves, however without this constant state of gratitude, we fall “victim” to the old unhealthy mindset that strips away our happiness.  I want you to memorize the following phrase as it is the best kept secret:  The Secret to Wealth is Gratitude.  It’s impossible to focus on fear when in a state of gratitude.  It’s impossible to be angry when in a state of gratitude.

In poll after poll, experts have found that the happiest and most successful individuals are ones that are thankful for what they have.  It’s a state of mind and emotion.  I’m not saying that money and toys are bad, in fact I think it’s the opposite and that if done correctly, they can be used to enhance your life greatly and the key to it all is to be foolishly happy with what you have NOW while working toward your goals of tomorrow.  Therefore one of the main goals in life for everyone should be to learn how to reside in a constant state of gratitude.

Todays Challenge: Make a list of the top 25 things you’re grateful for right now.  Here’s an example to get you started.  I’m so incredibly thankful for those that grow my food and by spending their day farming, cultivating, and delivering this food, and that for a few bucks I can eat what I want, whenever I want.  You get the idea.

About The Author:

Mark Manderson is a loving husband and father of 2. With an educational background ranging from a semester abroad at Cambridge University UK, to sailing the world attending Semester at Sea, Mark graduated with a Bachelors in International Business and Finance. He has developed extensive skill sets from years as a professional in the health industry, to over a decade in the addiction recovery field; and is now helping countless others find their passions that lead to a life of fulfillment through happiness. In his new book, “Finding Happy”, Mark provides step by step examples of easy to follow methods that help anyone kick their life into overdrive regardless of where they currently are in their journey.

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