Events and feelings are intensifying. What we are now hearing throughout the media, buzz word is “FEAR & CONTROL” – darkness emerges to be set free.   Just for a moment, remember that we are living in a Universe of Duality: black/white, good/bad, everything has an opposite.  You may also know that humanity is in a very unique opportunity to awaken to know a new duality of the God/Human Higher Self.  As such, our DNA is being recreated with much light coming into and through our many chakras. Cellular memories of the past are all being pushed and prodded to be released and transformed. There has never been another time where Spirituality is bringing us together as a species, where love is the Key to healing our self and others.  So, LOVE is being poured into us. We are being offered so many different alternative healing techniques and modalities, as well as opportunities to visit and join groups and classes that raise our senses to feeling connected, happy, accepted, valued!  Have you visited a local Meetup group or seen the upcoming FB events?

Simultaneously, humanity is advancing in consciousness, becoming enlightened. We are letting go of the mind/thoughts, incorporating forgiveness, love, light, and realizing the many ways to declutter (letting go of what no longer serves us). As we attempt to become more responsible in making wiser choices, we seem to sometimes feel kicked to the curb from outside sources pushing us the other way, deeply into an abys of fear of change. 

The darkness/chaos/mind/ego is always around the corner ready to pounce, and this year, 2020, is an incredibly powerful and empowering year that focuses on CLARITY. What are your dreams, your wishes? Have you stopped dreaming and are you focused on what is going on outside of you? Believing what you see, hear or read?  In a Course in Miracles, we are being shown our power: we, as a whole, have created our reality (knowingly and unknowingly). The lessons of CIM are to help us realize this, as well as to reprogram our reality in surrendering to our Higher Power/Self, thus surpassing the ego mind.  What is now holding us back is the doubt that we are already empowered ‘I AM THAT I AM: God incarnate. 

The chaos of the wealthy and powerful, church and state, wish to continue to enslave humanity.  They are losing their grip, creating as much fear as possible to hold us back from our Light. The opposite of FEAR is LOVE.  The Light represents all Information from Higher Realms of Being, our Sisters and Brothers, Celestial Beings.   We are not alone and never have been! Now is the time to remain FEARLESS.  One thing is for sure:  THE LIGHT ALWAYS WINS!

About Carole Ramsay:

Carole Ramsay is the founder and CEO of GODDESS T.O.U.C.H. (Transmuting Of the Universal Consciousness Heart), a unique multi-dimensional umbrella of services and techniques, including DNA activation methods used in person or virtually.  

Born prophetic and empathic, Carole is experiencing human form for the first time, learning to understand this world of duality firsthand. The most difficult concept for a Light being to grasp is being limited. Carole’s gifts include psychic/medium (for humans and pets), channel, facilitator, healer and teacher. She mentors to help develop your special gifts. 

Carole is a fully sentient multi-dimensional Celestial, able to access information at will, helping you to integrate your “reconnection with your Source”, Higher Consciousness Self, becoming your own guru. Her purpose is to INTEGRATE a Direction to access Vibrational Frequencies for Higher Consciousness Living, during the shifts in the universes of duality and form. She has studied the fields of paranormal, ancient religious customs and beliefs, various spiritual healing techniques, and the importance of intent in every-day life. 

By expanding time, frequencies are raised to prepare people for successful surgeries, medical treatments, exams, travel, etc. Further, her clients regain peace from mental and/or emotional imbalances, we create the best outcome for life changes. She may need to go into past/future lives, receive messages from their fragmented essence, departed ones, masters, and more, all to bring balance, awareness and wholeness! 

She has created sacred tools (through channeled meditation) to awaken the light in the cellular memory advocating love where there was none prior.  

Carole’s gifted MULTI-DIMENSIONAL insights into the past/future/and parallel experiences of human consciousness explore to find the imbalance/chaos by following her client’s present “threads of chaotic frequency” with the activation of cellular memory. The results are astounding, as she brings former incomplete experiences to the forefront, thus explaining the release of the “charged” energy recall helping her client heal THIS lifetime.  Bring your questions and enthusiasm, no hypnosis involved! 

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