If you are like me, a dream can feel so real. You wake up and wonder what did that mean? One dream in particular can be very upsetting if you’ve had it- I have- a dream that someone you love dies. The first thing that runs through our minds is- is that real? Is that going to happen? The Angels say in this case, no, not at all! In fact it’s good- that person will live a longer life than expected. It usually means they have had a transformation both spiritually and physically for the better and will live longer.

Now there is a dream that represents someone crossing over… you will have a very vivid dream that all of your teeth crumble out of your mouth. I have had this dream twice in my life. Both times, a family member crossed over shortly after the dream. This dream can mean, most of the time, that someone will cross over soon.

I like to ask the Angels to protect my dreams at night- it really helps me make more sense out of them all- you could try it too. There is a wisdom and connection we can access in them- if we sleep with the Angels watching over us.

About The Author

Debbie Johnson is a psychic/medium who has been working with the angelic realm and clients all over the world for over 18 years. She brings messages from your angels to you by channeling Archangels, passed loved ones, spirit guides, and healing. 

She believes we all have angels around us. Her angels talk to yours and tell her what they are ALREADY trying to tell YOU! 

She began to see spirits as a small child, but when she spoke up about it, she was told to stop making up stories. Being raised in a Southern Baptist household, her gift was repressed. It started to come back in her 20s when she studied Reiki. During Reiki sessions, Debbie not only saw and heard human spirits, she also witnessed the magnificence of the Archangels and their abilities to help others. She would not have believed it, had she not seen it with her own eyes. At that time, she began to work along with the Angelic Realm. 

Debbie not only delivers messages, she is able to see into the spirit and physical body if needed and channel powerful healing energy that clears blockages and entities that can sometimes be the cause of physical and mental illness.  

Debbie works with the Angelic Realm to bring healing, and it is safe and gentle for ALL. 

She is available for Readings that include clearing and healing via phone and Skype, as well as in person.  

In addition to the readings, Debbie Johnson is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. She is a professional member of the ICRT and offers Reiki Treatments that include channeled messages.