Something happens when we spend time in Nature. We feel calm, good, and satisfied because we are entering the harmonious frequency of Nature’s resonance. The more time we spend in Nature, the better and better we feel. We feel satisfied. Our mind chatter ceases. We can hear what our intuition is saying. What next to do, reveals itself. Creativity pours out of us. There are no problems. 

My favorite memories as a child were always in Nature. I was fortunate to have a Dad, a Sierra Club member, who taught us about the magic of Nature. Our weekends were spent on land we owned with nothing on it except the fence my Dad would work on every weekend. We had a 1947 GMC truck and my 3 sisters and I would sit in the back and drive 30 minutes to our hundred acres of sprawling, pristine and beautiful land. The hay was high and we’d roll over it to make forts and use our imagination without anything else to distract us. We’d eat salami, cheese and French bread for lunch, and then go right back to hanging in Nature. We were never bored.

Summers were spent camping by the river in Big Sur, sleeping under the giant Redwoods, feeling so satisfied and calm. Redwoods, the Whales of the land, produce the most intoxicating energy of peace and well being.

As life went on and I grew up I moved further away from visits to Nature and began seeking things, fortune, position, love and fame. All that seeking and searching left me dissatisfied and discontent. I did every self help course, read every new age book and attended countless seminars looking for meaning and happiness to no avail. When I was 65, I’d had enough of this life. I made a demand to the Universe and said, “Either you show me another way, or I’m gotta here!” And I meant it. 

From that day in 2017, I made a few changes. I decided not to try to make something happen, but rather to ask God/Spirit to guide me, show me every day where to go and what to do. I decided to listen only to my intuition for answers. It has been a lovely dance with the divine that works like magic in my life to this day. It was during this time I was divinely guided to spend more and more time in Nature. It is in Nature where my physical healing occurred and my life purpose was revealed.

There are many paths to awakening. Nature is one of them. Everything we need in life is from our Mother Nature, our home. She sends up from her core valuable information, healing energy, energy to power the planet, food, water, beauty, life. And we have used her and abused her. There is a perfect flow that occurs in Nature. Many of us visit a park, the beach, for a day or a week and then we return to our homes on concrete, wearing rubber shoes on our feet, and are magnetized to our cell phones and computers. We have been seduced by technology, and brainwashed to want and buy more while ignoring the wisdom and abundance that Nature has to offer. Nature will satisfy you. Material goods will only make you want more, more of the temporary ‘high’

you get right after purchase.  How long does it last? How long does anything we’re seeking last once you get it?

The more time I spend in Nature, the better I feel. The better I feel the more time I spend in Nature. Why? Because I want to feel good while I’m on this grand adventure. This is because of Natures resonance. Everything is energy in some form and at it’s own unique frequency. As one consciously spends time in Nature, their frequency synchs into Nature’s higher frequency of joy and harmony. It has to happen. If each day you would take off your shoes and stand on the Earth, even for 5 minutes, you will start to notice the difference. It’;s natural energy is essential for our vibrant health.  Earths energy is here to heal you. We rarely touch the land.  Going barefoot grounds you. Grounding has been proven to improve your health. It allows you to squelch the fire of inflammation, sleep better, and feel better and it’s free! May you re-discover Nature’s awesome powers and be enriched, inspired and healed. No matter where you live, there is a patch of grass or dirt nearby. Go to it. Take off your shoes. Seek Nature and you will discover what you always have been looking for. You!

Time in Nature Will~

~ Reduce inflammation

~Improve sleep quality

~Build your immune system

~Reduce stress

~Work as a natural anti-depressant

~Strengthen your intuition and creativity

~Connect you to Source

~Absorb earth’s electrolytes and other nourishing energies through direct contact (hands and feet)

About The Author:

Sheila Gale teaches how to  heal through spending time in Nature. “Our true Mother, Mother Nature, is calling us to return to her. Immerse yourself in her, where healing properties and energies are available to us, for free. By physically touching the Earth and sitting, and observing, all life’s questions will be answered.” 

After abruptly ending her career in the public eye for 34 years as a radio personality in 2017, Sheila’s world came crumbling down. Being a seeker of truth and after interviewing hundreds of healers, and New Age speakers, Sheila was not happy or satisfied in any way.  On July 4th, she bought a used car, left her childhood home, her children and started on a journey, not knowing where she was going or what she would do.

Sheila was unwilling to go on with her life as it was. Her demand to Universe was, “I’m done! Either show me a way to live in joy, or I don’t want to be here anymore.”  What happened next was a series of miracles and synchronicities that led her on an epic adventure that completely transformed her life.

Sheila discovered the ‘Blueprint for Joy’, a way of living in the Flow of Nature’s energy, stress-free, with joy, no matter what is going on. Her journey led her to Sedona, Arizona on a property where she stopped to ask a man if she could feed carrots to his horse. That man, Michael, is now Sheila’s fiancee. Together they have activated this sacred native land, built a Labyrinth, and offer visits to receive this powerful healing energy from this portal for awakening. When I was shown HOW to live, by doing just a few things differently, gift after gift showed up and continues to show up daily.  Sheila offers her formula for living the best life ever, as well as Nature retreats, and horse therapy when she’s not busy walking her Healing Circle, sitting in Nature and creating beautiful art healing tools called, ‘Soul Connectors’.

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