For the vast majority of us, the arrival of the Coronavirus is the first time in our lives that we have faced a true crisis. I mean a scary, end of the world as we know it, hunker-down-in-our-basements, real-life crisis. It’s a little bit like the movies… with a disturbing dystopian feel… maybe millions dead? I mean, wow. But now that we have had a chance to get used to the thing – we are starting to MOVE. I see real action and urgency and even results. The government and the private sector are actually cooperating. And the banks are even helping out. And of course, the First Responders and the Medical people are absolute SAINTS! True Heroes!

My thing is Sound Healing and Alternative Views on Spirituality and Ancient Civilizations and the nature of the universe and ourselves… And amazingly, today I see Modern Science using Sound and Music in new startling ways – and even fighting the Coronavirus pandemic with music… Sounds like what I would do. Anyway onward…

I recently read about a Team of scientists from MIT who were literally using a Musical attack on the Coronavirus. Without attempting to be technical – the MIT scientists converted the protein on the spiky protrusions of the Coronavirus into a musical score. They examined the virus at a microscopic level. At this scale, they could detect building-block amino acids that comprised the virus. They assigned musical notes from a musical scale to each amino acid. They then selected instruments and “played” the musical score of the Amino Acids, making up the virus. Amazingly, the resulting composition was a reasonably sonorous coherent piece. You can read the original article at by Vineeth Venugopal on April 3, 2020. There is also a recording of the music on this website.

The MIT researchers were using a technique called sonification. The process of sonification assigns musical notes to certain key quantities in nature. Then the resulting music is played and analyzed for critical underlying patterns and sequences. This approach has been used successfully in the past on a wide variety of studies.

Exerts on Sonification from Wiki: In 1976, philosopher of technology, Don Ihde, wrote, “Just as science produces an infinite set of visual images for virtually all of its phenomena–atoms to galaxies are familiar to us from coffee table books to science magazines. So ‘music,’ too, could be produced from the same data that provides visualizations.” This appears to be one of the earliest references to sonification as a creative practice.

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data. Auditory perception has advantages in temporal, spatial, amplitude, and frequency resolution that open possibilities as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques.

The researchers hoped that by composing a musical representation of the protein on the outside of the Coronavirus that they can detect and exploit weaknesses in the protein. They have an extensive database of similar musical representations of other proteins. Music can give a unique view on the underlying physical systems – and in this case, hopefully, reveal sites of the Coronavirus protein that could be attacked and bound up – and thus make it unable to attach to biological sites in the cells of their host. In other words, researchers believed that they could get unique insights into vulnerabilities in the Coronavirus through music. And further, attack these weak points and render the virus harmless to humans. Pretty cool.

The work of the MIT scientists is not surprising to me. I have been studying the special power of music and sound for a long time… OK, 40 years or so. I have seen that music and sound are fundamental aspects of our universe. Sound Energy is embedded in the fabric of the universe, and it can be deployed in many, many ways. And the fact that the molecular structure of a protein on a deadly virus can be converted to a musical score – is just one more affirmation to me that sound is a universal constant. I have seen Sound and Music heal, affect consciousness, intellect, and emotions. Sound Energy can even interact with subtle energies crossing the physical and the spiritual realms.

Most recently, I have collaborated with Modern Master Sharry Edwards on yet other new applications of Sound Frequencies. Sharry has been able to identify critical compounds and nutrients for optimum protection of your immune system against the Coronavirus in particular. I have taken Sharry’s frequencies and made them available to anyone for FREE, easy listening (headphones are best). For anyone interested, visit the site: to learn of our efforts to help battle this modern scourge with sound based tools.

Jill’s interview with Darius goes into details of how this music is effective. Her offer includes the best of her soundhealing modalities!

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