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'Spirit' Healing Frequencies

Uplift Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Vibrational healing with sound is the most powerful subtle energy healing modality!

Sound interacts with us on every level.

It combines with our emotions, alters our brain waves and slowly changes our physicality.

Sound is reputed to be the medical modality of the future by Edgar Cayce and other great seers.

The future is now!

Some fun things you will learn when listening to this powerful healing music:

  • Amplify Therapeutic Healing Practices
  • Use sound to shift Personality Habits — without using your Will Power!
  • Use Tones for specific Emotional and Healing Benefits
  • Increase Psychic Abilities
  • Contact beneficial Spiritual Guides
  • Change Chemicals within your Body
  • Sound as a tool for changes in mass consciousness
  • Counter Astrological Energies with Music
  • Use Sound to Release Negative Memories & Energy — clear Emotional Blockages
  • Improve Chakra Energy and open new Chakras
  • Improve Health
  • Release Emotional Blockages
  • Use Frequencies to eliminate Negative Energy
  • Explore Past Lives
  • Play with Special Frequencies for Healing and other Gifts (Fibonacci numbers converted into tones, Solfeggio tones, binaural beats, star tones)

Like a laser, sound energy clears subtle energy meridians, channels and negative blockages — often with immediate physical and emotional effects!

Identify frequencies that your body needs for healing and ways to easily listen to them.

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Item 1: 90-Minute Live Group Call with Jill

Value: $200

Via Zoom

Thursday, April 30th, 2020 at
4:00pm Pacific / 5:00pm Mountain / 6:00pm Central / 7:00pm Eastern / 11:00pm GMT

Energy Healing with the Masters

Join Jill for a powerful 90-Minute Live Group session where she will guide participants through a transformative session as she channels healing energies and frequencies from the Ancient Masters.

Among the Masters and Angels delivering powerful energy work and clearings to YOU and YOUR BODY as channeled through Jill are:

Channeling St. Germain

Harmonic healing.

Channeling Jesus

Building the subtle energy of nutrients to enhance the immune system: glutathione, quercetin, oxygen, zinc, vitamin c, etc.

Channeling Arch Angel Michael

Strengthening the subtle energy of white blood cells and antibodies. Tuning the lymph system, energetically clearing filter and fluids

Channeling Arch Angel Gabriel

Strengthening our bone marrow subtle energy that produces white blood cells and lymphocytes.

Channeling Metatron

Energy healing from other dimensions.

Channeling Melchizadek

Tuning quantum-entangled subtle energy.

Note: The session is recorded and will be available for replay.

Item 2: Ancient Sound Healing Secrets

Value: $279

4 Videos & 11 PDFs

Total Runtime: 4 Hours, 11 Minutes

Vibrational Healing from Ancient Masters

Sound healing techniques from ancient Atlantis, Egypt, China, India and more! Try these subtle energy techniques so powerful, they change your world!

You are vibrational energy, with sound and other vibrations altering you at your most profound levels. Slowly but surely, sound energy changes tiny vibrations that compose "all that is you".

Ancient sounds and music targeted positive changes; they are sound-based energy treatments to alter your emotions, thoughts, spirituality and physicality.

If you are on the spiritual path, seeking to empower yourself with more excellent health, intuition and psychic abilities, then join the fun and "blast from the past". Perhaps you will remember the skills you used in a former life in Atlantis! Refresh your memory from past lives and recognize previous accomplishments while increasing your power and skills!

Learn to:

  • Gathering Celestial Energy & that of Higher Dimensions with your Voice
  • Activate & strengthen Telepathic Skills
  • Discard foggy energy hiding your Life Path & Mission
  • Discover your Planet of Origin
  • Activate 12 strands of DNA
  • Access Higher Dimensions
  • Use Portholes to make Energetic-Changes to alter Life's Outcomes
  • Interspecies Communication — with plants & nature
  • Downloading Higher Blueprints of Energy
  • Strengthening & Communicating with Ancient Atlantean Masters and Angels

Jill has included a collection of reference materials to use as you proceed through the video course. All are downloadable and can be printed so you can follow along as needed.

Item 3: Healing Flower Symphonies — Volume 1

Value: $18

6 MP3s

Total Runtime: 52 Minutes

The Healing Flower Symphonies are a remarkable collection of original compositions containing the vibratory healing benefits of 12 Flower Essences.

Each track of the Flower Symphonies provides the healing potential of the associated flower. (Listening to the frequency of an item can bestow the same benefits as ingesting the physical substance.) The symphonies begin by releasing the negative aspect of the emotion involved.

This beginning takes you into the dark side of the emotion to enable a cathartic release.

The music then transitions into the successful triumph and mastery of the emotion (as in transforming fear into trust). The net effect is a wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience coupled with a complex musical composition — together resolving the emotional challenge involved and strengthening the desirable emotional health of the listener.

This album has 6 tracks:

  1. Clematis Flower
  2. Centaury Flower
  3. Scleranthus Flower
  4. Water Violet Flower
  5. Rock Rose Flower
  6. Agrimony Flower

Item 4: Healing Flower Symphonies — Volume 2

Value: $18

6 MP3s

Total Runtime: 41 Minutes

The Healing Flower Symphonies are a remarkable collection of original compositions containing the vibratory healing benefits of Flower Essences. The two Album Volumes each contain frequencies for six unique healing flowers.

Each flower radiates unique positive energy, such as trust, patience or sincerity. For example, a rose emulates beauty and the daisy feels cheerful. Feelings are contagious, and we can harness flower energy to personally develop positive feelings. To cure the doldrums, pick daisies. To enhance feelings of beauty, listen to the roses.

From primitive tribes in ancient times to modern visionaries such as Dr. Edmund Bach, people have received powerful benefits from ingesting the flower essences. Each flower addresses an important primary positive emotion common to everyone, such as impatience, doubt, demanding love. Each track of the Healing Flower Symphonies provides the healing potential of the associated flower.

In addition to the actual frequencies of twelve flower essences, each track offers powerful, emotionally healing music. The net effect is the wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience, coupled with a complex musical composition; this both resolves the emotional challenge involved, and strengthens the desirable emotional health of the listener.

This album has 6 tracks:

  1. Impatiens Flower
  2. Vervain Flower
  3. Cerato Flower
  4. Gentian Flower
  5. Chicory Flower
  6. Mimulus Flower

Item 5: Paint Your Soul

Value: $18

7 MP3s

Total Runtime: 47 Minutes

Ancient clairvoyants could see someone's aura light up whenever they listened to a series of special frequencies, called the Solfeggio tones. They could see the healing power of these special frequencies on a multitude of levels. As people lost clairvoyant vision, they encoded these in the Bible and in ancient Egypt, to insure their safekeeping through the ages. These tones sparkle throughout the Paint Your Soul Digital Album.

Paint Your Soul will fill your home, your head, and your heart with ethereal and soothing original scores entirely written and performed by Jill Mattson.

The collection features angelic vocals and uses sound healing techniques drawn from Ancient Mystery Schools to take you deep into layers within yourself for renewal and uplifting, energizing your mind and heart. This Digital Album uses the sacred geometry of the Fibonacci series to create a profoundly healing effect.

The Fibonacci series is a pattern found in the geometries of solar systems, plants and seashells, the human body, and in some of the world's most loved art and architecture. On this Digital Album, Jill has used tuning forks to produce pure Fibonacci tones and convert this spiral-shaped sacred geometric pattern into musical form.

According to ancient traditions, these sounds carve a pathway into the listener's consciousness, elevating the spirit and creating brain wave patterns that can expand consciousness.

This album has 7 tracks:

  1. My Soul Goes Out to You
  2. Sail the Tail
  3. Broken Chords
  4. A Prayer for David
  5. Faded Roses
  6. The Touch
  7. Happy & Free

Item 6: Cosmic Streams

Value: $18

4 MP3s

Total Runtime: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes

Cosmic Streams is an Unrivaled Chakra Meditation Experience Tune Chakras with Special Frequencies, Rhythms, Colors, Elements, Subtle Energies, Affirmations, Music & Tibetan Bowls! Clear Chakra Layers, Dimensions, Higher Energies, Tune associated organs/glands.

Secrets were passed down through the Ancient Mystery Schools concerning subtle energy channels within your body, such as the chakras. Initiates in various Schools of Enlightenment, studying under an ascended master, scribed special ways of clearing and balancing the chakras.

This CD incorporates many long-lost methods to deeply clear chakras. Incorporated into this guided meditation are 17 sound-based methods for chakra clearing from all over the Earth.

  • Revitalize front & back chakras! As well as open new chakras above your head to download higher consciousness and improve body, mind and emotional energies
  • Clear all Chakra layers and dimensions… front & back chakras
  • Harmonize and balance all major Chakra levels — including higher energy connections — open new chakras
  • Align Chakra harmonic patterns using vowel sounds, musical instruments and Tibetan bowls
  • Chakras are linked with specific glands — the control centers of your body. Activate, Clear & Tune the Chakra/gland subtle energy connections
  • Elevate spirituality through Channeled Subtle Energies of Ascended Masters and Angels

Sounds add energies associated with chakra clearing. For example, when you are visualizing the color red associated with the root chakra, the sound of the color red is playing in the background. This sound amplifies the energy created by visualizing the color red.

The rhythm, pitch, Tibetan bowl, elemental sound, and syllable associated with each chakra are sounded during the meditation amplifying the power and energy for chakra clearing! Some of the frequencies are tuning your associated organs and glands!

This album has 4 tracks:

  1. Relax & Prepare, Part 1
  2. Complete Chakra Tuning
  3. Relax & Prepare, Part 2
  4. Chakra & Organ Tuning

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Secret Sounds — Ultimate Healing


Secret Sounds — Ultimate Healing is a cutting-edge book about inventor Sharry Edwards. Edwards unravelled sound healing mysteries, which ultimately empower the body to heal itself. This is the story of how the promise of tomorrow's science came into being with the discovery of the mysteries that are encoded in the voice, as well as techniques for tuning the body with sound.

This new science, called bioacoustics, uses sound for a myriad of purposes, previously never imagined.

The book covers the scientific basis for Edwards' sound healing principles.

Highlights of the book include discovering the secret language of your body, improving relationships with vibrations, understanding sound-based mysteries in your subconscious mind, adjusting your experience of astrological frequencies, and ascending to a higher level of being, using the most exciting unexplored power of the twenty-first century: Sound.

Discount: 82% Off

Total Value: $551

You Wealth Special Offer: $97

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About Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson's headshot

Jill Mattson is a prolific artist, musician, and author. She is a widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound & Color Healing, and has produced several musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques & unique healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.

Jill has written 4 highly regarded books and composed 11 original musical albums, many receiving award-winning honors. All her works concern Sound Healing Energy and Spiritual discoveries with applications that people can really use these to improve their lives. She also has produced dozens of instructional videos on a wide array of topics — all centered on what she calls Total Wellness and Enlightenment based on Sound Energy/Special Vibrational Frequencies.

Her compositions include these award-winners:

  • Crystal Realms CD — Best Sound Healing CD of 2017, Best Overall Music (popular Vote and Industry Leader's Choice — Gold Awards)
  • The Lost Waves of Time — Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016
  • Deep Wave Body Healing CD — Best Sound Healing CD of 2016
  • Contacting Angels & Masters CD — Best CD of 2015
  • Deep Wave Beauty CD — Best New Age CD/Silver Award

Jill and her work have been featured in hundreds of teleseminars, radio talk shows, and in magazines.

Jill also offers an online Sound (& Color) Healing School, where she presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues, using the benefits of sound and color.

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