Guardian Angels for Every Need

Guardian angels work with individuals to identify and pursue their purposes in life. Angel specialists are guardian angels who have expert status in a particular area. These angel specialists can help you attain good health, greater happiness, and financial well-being.  The book “Angel First Aid” is a guide to connecting with angels who offer sincere love, guidance, and support. 

Similar to the Angels of Abundance, here are eight different guardian angels or angel specialists to help you find happiness and fulfillment in careers, relationships, health, and pets.  Read how these angel specialists can help guide you toward success in every aspect of your life.

Reprinted from “Angel First Aid: Remedies for Life, Love, and Prosperity,” with permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., © 2010.

Angel of Courage

A more prosperous future can be achieved by releasing regrets and disappointments. Begin new endeavors with a clear mind. Envision Hannah, Angel of Courage, with her curly auburn locks blowing in the wind. She leads you down a twisting and narrow wooden dock with a sailboat at the end. The aroma of salty sea air is everywhere. Focus on some disappointments you felt while growing up. Picture a big stack of boxes close to your feet. Each one of the boxes is the perfect size to fit the memories of regrets and disappointments. Put a memory in each box, placing the boxes in the sailboat. When you are finished and only happy memories remain, the sailboat sets sail and goes out to sea. Hannah walks alongside as you both leave the dock.

Angel of Pet Care

Preparing a pet to adapt to its new home and family is important in ensuring a beneficial transition. Help the animal feel welcome and secure in its unfamiliar new surroundings. Being a compassionate, considerate, and caring angel, Thomas is delighted with your idea to establish a warm, comfortable environment for the new addition to your family. Thomas, Angel of Animal Care, explains that animals will form an association by adapting to new places through all their senses. Lead the pet through the house and introduce it to the new surroundings. Calmly talk to your pet and show it those places and things that are important to you. Allow your new pet to investigate a few of these areas. Recognizing what you find meaningful helps it to internalize “I am home.”

Angel of Gratitude

Families that encourage each member’s goals, visions, and dreams can prosper as a unit. Gratitude becomes a way to grow together as a family. Invite the graceful Annette, Angel of Gratitude, to join in. She is wearing a green gown and has long blond hair. To begin the remedy, gather family members around a table. Designate someone (usually a child or teenager) to make a Gratitude Box. Begin with a shoe box. Decorate it with colorful paper. Cut a hole in the top for multiple slips of paper. Individuals now write down items that have brought them happiness and for which they are grateful. All of the slips are placed in the box. Annette puts her pieces of paper in this box too. She thanks your family for letting her participate. Annette is grateful that she was invited.

Angel of Attraction

The basic principle of the Law of Attraction is “Like attracts like”; one frequency of energy will become a magnet to a separate one of equivalent vibration. Liken it to a mirror image: what reflects out into the Universe will be returned in kind. Start this technique with the spirited Terina, Angel of Attraction, by requesting that she wait nearby as you make a list of your characteristics and best qualities. Now write a list of traits your soulmate might possess. This angel is checking your lists for compatibility. Are you ready for a soulmate, or do you require a plan for improvement? Select your strategy and move forward to gain the attributes you desire in the other person. Terina suggests repeating I invoke the Law of Attraction. She then flies off to locate the love of your life.

Angel of Forgiveness

People sustain good relationships by forgiving the transgressions of friends. Learn to forgive, release, or get over past situations by use of this remedy. Theodore, Angel of Kindness, with his brown hair and olive skin, is here to offer support. He hands you a thick wad of paper. Write down one dilemma or situation you desire to remove from a friendship. This is the time to totally eliminate unhappy and uncomfortable feelings. When finished, cross out the words. Shred the sheet of paper. Quickly throw it away. Angel Theodore watches and praises your deliberate actions. He commends you for working on the friendship. Begin to think kindly about your friend. Picture the two of you in good spirits, sharing a hug. Theodore wants a hug too. A group hug follows.

Angel of Health

Breathing with conscious intention expands energy flow and supplies more oxygen to the brain. This form of breathing also releases endorphins. Peter, Angel of Health, who has dark hair and a calming demeanor, is hovering above. Now start this remedy by standing comfortably. Inhale through your nose to the count of five, while reaching your arms up toward this angel. Exhale slowly through your mouth as you count to five again, bringing your arms down to your sides. After a third repetition, feel the vibrant energy flowing through your entire body. Peter is hovering lower now and offers congratulations. The angel is very pleased and proud of you, exclaiming, “You have earned your angel wings!” Peter is cheering enthusiastically.

About The Author

Sue Storm, known as The Angel Lady, is a renowned international author, inspirational speaker, and prosperity consultant. An expert in “Angel” communication, she has appeared on 5,000 radio and TV shows worldwide, including all the major networks. Sue Storm’s angelic expertise has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Pittsburg Gazette, Daily Herald and other newspapers. Her two Beliefnet articles, “The Angels of Abundance” and “Angel First Aid to Guide your Life” received rave reviews. The Angel Collectors Club of America chose her as the keynote speaker for their national conference. Sue Storm has a long history of innovative speeches for organizations striving for professional and business excellence. In her consultations, she draws on her unique ability to lead individuals to identify and release their blocks to success. She then inspires them to formulate a new vision for their path to prosperity. As the author of the Angel First Aid series of books, Sue Storm is sending the message of the angels across the globe.
Sue Storm has mentored hundreds of individuals from all walks of life.  She inspired and was featured in the book, Mentoring Heroes, 52 Fabulous Women’s Paths to Success.  Sue and the Angels will develop a plan based on your spiritual path and what empowers you in life. Their goal is to assist you in finding peace and prosperity.

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