law of attraction

law of attraction

Abundance: Use it Or Lose It (Law of Attraction)

Chances are, you’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it” before. Usually, it is used in regards to exercise and muscles. When you use your muscles, you maintain them and build them up. When you don’t use them, however, they shrink. This is a reference most of us understand pretty well. However, did you know…

Manifesting Law of Attraction Vibration

7 Steps to Manifesting What You Want

Though the Law of Attraction has often been summed up in three words (ask, believe, receive), this can feel a bit oversimplified, especially when we are just learning about the Law of Attraction, or when we’ve been having a hard time manifesting something that we really, really want.  Fortunately, there are a few more steps to manifesting what…