7 Steps to Manifesting What You Want

Though the Law of Attraction has often been summed up in three words (ask, believe, receive), this can feel a bit oversimplified, especially when we are just learning about the Law of Attraction, or when we’ve been having a hard time manifesting something that we really, really want.  Fortunately, there are a few more steps to manifesting what you want that can provide a little more clarity on how to consciously create your reality.

Therefore, below I’ve compiled seven steps to manifesting what you want.  They work pretty well for me, so feel free to use them on your journey of conscious creation!

7 Steps to Manifesting What You Want

1. What do you want? 

Identify what your dream is.  Write it down, and make sure to be specific about it. 

2. Immerse yourself in the vision of it and feel it as if it is already your own. 

Imagine that it is yours.  Cultivate the feeling of having already manifested it.

3. Let it go!

Obsession is a dream killer.  Once you’ve identified what you want and imagined the feeling of having it, you’ve done the creative work (which is to essentially send a message to the universe describing what you want).  There’s no need to keeping thinking and focusing on your dream.

So at this point, it is important to relax, and remind yourself that it will come to you when it is the right time.  When you have moments of doubt and “wondering when it’s going to get here,” (and chances are you will) remind yourself that all you can do is let go.  Worrying and over thinking will never, ever work.

4. Acknowledge any clues that come your way.

After you’ve done the initial visualization work, naturally there will be some “clues” that start popping up.  Somebody might tell you something that you need to know about your dream, or you might read something in a magazine that gives you an idea of how to “get” what you want.  Whenever you see clues, pay attention.  The guidance from the universe often comes in subtle ways.

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About the Author

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which offers daily Law of Attraction advice.  To learn more about Andrea or Raise Your Vibration Today please follow her blog, Facebook page, Twitter (@Vibration1111) or Instagram (@andrea.11.11)