8 Things I Don’t Give a Damn About Anymore (Thanks to the Law of Attraction)

I used to get stressed out about pretty much everything. It didn’t take much to piss me off.

Today, I look back on my life years ago and wonder how I got through the day. It’s amazing how many concerns and worries I used to drag around with me! Maybe you can relate…

See, when you become an active student and practitioner of the Law of Attraction life can change in dramatic ways. For me, I’ve found that a lot of the big changes came in the form of worries I was able to let go of.

When you take an active stance to become more “positively-minded” you find you drop a lot of the drama and stress from your life. As you drop the worries, you start to realize that the worries were (ironically) the cause for the problems you were worried about in the first place.

Without the plethora of worries, problems magically begin to evaporate from your life.

In time, you start to fully comprehend that there’s just really no sense in worrying about anything. Without worry and stress, life becomes so much easier and more pleasant by default. When you really understand this concept, letting go of your worries becomes habitual.

So today, with this in mind, I’d like to share with you a few things I don’t give a damn about anymore thanks to the Law of Attraction. Each item on this list was something that SERIOUSLY bothered me a decade ago, but is not even remotely a concern for me today.

Things I don’t give a damn about anymore:

1. When things break or need repair.

If I’ve got the money, I fix it or replace it. Problem solved. Move on.

P.S., when you take this attitude rather than the “stress and worry about it” attitude, good things usually happen. You may find that on the back end of the repair is something really wonderful you never would have had if you hadn’t needed the repair in the first place.

2. Preparing for things in advance.

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Written by Andrea Schulman

Source: consciouslifenews.com