How You Can Find Your Soul’s Purpose Using Intuition

As a life coach (a self-described “intuitive” one) and published writer of many books related to human psychological and spiritual development, I often get emails from people seeking clarity on certain issues. Sometimes these people book online sessions with me, but just as often I simply respond by email as fully as I can. So, for my weekly article here on Conscious Life News, I thought I would share an email – and my responses – from someone who contacted me recently. I have changed the writer’s name and one or two details to respect her privacy, but other than that the email remains the same as was originally written. I share this particular email because the issues it addresses are very common ones, and the subject of many of the emails – and life coaching sessions – that come my way.

Michelle’s words are in bold, my responses in normal font.

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Dear Michelle,

Thanks for your email. You can see my responses to your questions, below.

Hi Marcus,

I’m writing to you as I’ve been thinking lately about the meaning of life, the universe & working out just what it is I’m meant to be doing or have some success at. I guess this has come about because I’m getting older and I have had a spat off illness that has got me thinking, how is it I can heal myself on all levels, etc.

Sometimes there isn’t any one right “career” or job for a person, and it isn’t always possible to turn a passion into a money-making venture.

By all means, use your intuition to guide you towards doing what you love. However, I recommend people think of their life purpose as being more related to being, rather than doing. When you are fully present with what you are doing, then our highest “states” tend to emerge – gratitude, love, joy, creative expression and so on. In the end, we are here to shine our light, not to do a job. This is our greatest gift to humanity, and it is the greatest gift to our own soul. The job is secondary. Neale Donald Walshe teaches this principle, too.

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About the Author

Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. He is the author of Discover Your Soul Template and many other books.