As you cultivate compassion and inner peace for yourself, you move to another level of consciousness— compassion at the level of humanity, the planet, and the cosmos at large. Let go of your conditioned mental and emotional patterns that trap you and limit the flow of your authentic self.

By staying out of the drama of change and more inner-focused on peace and clarity in your own mind and heart, by staying compassionate throughout any changes, you will be doing the work needed for positive change. Remember that this is all some drama of a universe we have yet to comprehend in its grandness.With your help we can re-balance the planet.  With your help and the help of all other compassionate beings we can affect positive change.

There are countless ways (in the world) to help: learning and teaching compassion, forgiving others, learning about diet and how it effects yourself and the planet, practicing meditation and other sacred techniques, and letting go of your attachment to material goods-simplifying your life.

The Challenge

Now is the time to get connected. Begin to shift consciousness by seeding your garden of consciousness so that in a month, a year, two years or three years the reports from the world garden will also be magnificent. Buckminster Fuller stood in Lake Michigan contemplating suicide when he heard a voice say, “Your life doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the Universe. You will never know the impact that you will have.” Your life doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to the Universe and you have the power to do amazing things. That old reptilian brain may not think so but, what is absolutely true is, you can! We are the first generation in the history of humankind that will be saving the planet.

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