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Author’s Note: The best way I know to create your dream life is to start with a great blueprint — a Vision Board of what you deeply desire in all areas of your life (it’s brought me my home, my soulmate, my album, my book and much more!). I will be teaching my first online Vision Board Workshop in the first part of April. See the bottom of this article for more details.

This week, we continue to explore how you can make an amazing Vision Board that truly reflects your deepest desires. So far I’ve shown you why the Feng Shui Bagua is a great template for a Vision Board and you’ve learned the first three of my 10 tips for creating a great Vision Board.

Our next four tips for this week are:

Tip #4 – Include Yourself in Your Vision

People tend to put what they want on their board, but often forget to include themselves. Unfortunately, it’s quite possible for your powerful, subconscious mind to look at your board and enjoy it, but not OWN it. Just as you might watch a romance movie and be happy for the lovers in the film, you can look at your Vision Board and be happy about it while not really seeing yourself IN it.

I recommend that you put at least one photo of yourself in each of the nine bagua sectors to get your subconscious mind used to the idea that the fantastic life on your board is yours. Choose pictures that are applicable – a baby photo in the Children & Creativity sector, you with your lover or with the silhouette of a would-be lover in your Romance & Marriage sector, and so on.

Tip #5 – Stay Unlimited (with a caveat)

The Universe can work miracles for you. While it’s important to believe that anything is possible, I have found from experience that you only stay as unlimited as is possible for your mind and emotions. They need to be able to believe that what you put on your board is possible. If you go too far outside what you think is actually possible, you may find yourself arguing with your board saying, “Nah, I can’t have that.” If that happens, your board could actually have a regressive effect as your psyche pushes back and rigidly clings to the status quo.

So find ways to push your board to the limits of what you think is possible, but don’t go past those limits

Tip #6 – Make It Just For You

At first this might seem quite obvious, but please take a moment (or more) to really check in with yourself. Ask, “Is everything on my board something I truly want NOW? Or is it something I used to want?  Or something that others want for me?”

We are evolving souls, so you can expect that your desires will shift over time. To create an amazing life, you need to really discover what is amazing to you now. You don’t want any outdated or so-so visions are your board. Question your old desires to see if they still hold true. And then find the images you need that really capture how you feel now.

Tip #7 – Create Stand-Out Elements

Your board is flat, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Add dimension by gluing on some three-dimensional elements such as charms, souvenirs or any other little objects that inspire you. Nature elements are nice to add, like a feather, a rock or a shell that you love. You can add special border lace or glue on a mirror (great for the recognition area).

There is no limit when it comes to adding stand-out elements. If you want an element to pop more, create a cardboard “spring.” Fold thick card stock paper like an accordion, glue the object onto the spring, then glue the cardboard onto the board.

You can even add an interactive object to your board. A small dry erase board could be used to write daily inspirational sayings, or to create a goal chart that you can color in as you move toward your goal.

Those are the tips for this week. Keep adding to your board and enjoying this process of getting to know yourself and your dreams more deeply. Make sure to catch next week’s post when I’ll complete this series by sharing the final three tips for creating an amazing Vision Board.

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Vicki Howie is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (find out what inspired her to create them here).

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