Matthew Scott Donnelly of Awakening People writes:

“You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.” – Natalie Edwards

We are in a new day and age, where humans are less satisfied with the lifestyles of past eras. Go to school for 25 years, get a college degree get a career, retire at 65 and then wait until death.

This is your typical lifestyle, and its normality is decreasing by the moment. Life’s purpose is to awaken.

Form which includes, your mind, your body and the physical material that inhabits the earth. The world often equates unconsciousness when someone is knocked out, or in a deep sleep that they cannot awake from. Unconsciousness in a spiritual sense means that you feel a sense of identity (Who you are) with your thinking, your body and all physical forms of the world.

To awaken is to realize in the totality of you’re being your attachment’s to form identity.

The courage to live dangerously means to live in directly reflection with the deep inward consciousness that pervades every particle that makes up your body.

Consciousness transcends the thinking-mind, it is the space between your thoughts, the awareness of the silence. In this silence, God delivers messages to you and it is ONLY in you that he can deliver these messages. These messages that he delivers are meant for you to bring to the planet for the evolution of the totality of its consciousness.

“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” – Rumi

The message that he delivers to you, is the full awareness of who you are and your purpose is to bring ‘you’ to the world in every way possible.

The challenge is to go on continuing to silence the mind in order so that you may not have to consider the fear that will come, consider the scrutiny, the anguish of a world that will not like you to bring the ‘you’ to the world that is not bound by the limits of conditioning.

Conditioning as in the way that the world is shaped, it’s beliefs, it’s values and its lifestyles and when unconditioned spirit starts gliding through the earth, the force of its power beyond anything physical in this world, in this universe will put a shock into the planet.

Essentially, without the worlds permission the force of your living spirit, your living consciousness will reshape humanity.

To the mind, it will not seem as if big things are being changed by you, but in the deep vortex of the silent gods there will be a shift in vibration of the planet.

The Truth of Efficiency

There are no two spirits on this earth that are exactly the same. There are no two spirits who have ever walked the earth or will ever walk the earth. It can be witnessed that in the ascension to oneness, in world less full of people and a world full of individuals living out full consciousness there would be no need for government, regime and rules.

No spirit has the need for violence, no need for greed, no need for power or security.

However, until that day comes, and it is in your power to live out your spirit, the full essence of your consciousness. Be efficient says the parents, the teacher, the lawyer the politician. Efficiency will mean that you are following the rules, going right along on the assembly line and living the ordinary lifestyle.

And efficient person is a dead person. If you are autopilot just cruising through life listening to the way, the world wants you to live then how you could ever live out the deep inner you?

Living out consciousness means you have to be inefficient. Efficiency means walking on a path that’s already been created. Will there be error on this path? Nope. Mistakes? Notta. Danger? Not a chance.

How about living out the calling of your spirit relative to the ordinary? Room for error? Indeed. Mistake? Absolutely.

Danger? Most definitely.

When you are going against the rules, and are only playing by your rules then you are going there will be nothing but inefficiency.

Courage to be insecure. In order to live in consciousness, one must be inefficient which requires one to give up the need for security. Security is comfortability.

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