The Food You Eat

… The food you eat- even the healthy foods – are contaminated with preservatives, chemicals, and heavy metals.

We often think that if we just aim for eating well sometimes, that we will have won the battle. But those contaminates add up and they are not something to take lightly! Our digestive and elimination systems work hard to rid our bodies of all the things we throw at it. Nanobots can enter our digestive system and take root causing breakdown and a poorly functioning digestive system.

Give yourself a break – literally – from junk food and foods that do not nourish you.

The Air You Breathe

Nanobots are in our environment and enter our bodies to create damaging effects on a weakened system. Everyday we absorb impurities through the air we breathe and skin. Pollution from an urban life, toxic air in our work environments, and chem-trails that filter down to the air we breathe, put a constant pressure on our system to try detox the many stressors that come through our skin and into our lungs.

The effect on our body is that we lack energy and vitality because our body is working so hard. 

Where You Rest Your Eyes

What we take in with our eyes feeds information to our hearts and minds. 

We can become weighted down and stressed by negative images that we allow in. It is easy to slip into an unconscious pattern of accepting visual negativity, we should take care that we don’t become dulled or deadened to negativity is so important! Our emotional brain and physical body becomes impacted with nanobots that have found a home and begin to challenge our emotional health and well-being, making our perceptions susceptible to stressors that our eyes take in.

If you are feeling weighed down, stressed, dull or experience low vitality – recognizing what else is at play, can give a good clue as to why!

What You Hear With Your Ears

Our ears are constantly absorbing information that we hear!

As a main tool for receiving information, words, voice inflections and emotions we perceive, allow us to form perceptions about the world around us. When our brains have become impacted with nanobots, we lose our ability to be resilient to these stressors.

Becoming conscious of what we HEAR can give a significant amount of information to why we may feel the way we do. 

Taking an extended time out from constant negativity can go a long way, it restores our ability to hear positivity again and be more discerning to what we allow in. 

What You Speak With Your Mouth

It is said that every time we open our mouths, we are educating ourselves!

How true it is that our own ears are listening and hearing the words we speak about ourselves and others. 

Making the effort to speak less negatively requires dedication. 

Practicing a ‘negativity fast; is said to be one of the greatest challenges you can encounter. Try it! For even just one day, allow yourself to say nothing negative, and if you do, correct yourself each time. For a greater challenge, practice it for a week! It can be a rather enlightening experience. 

Your energy and vitality are deeply affected by speaking things that may become truth. 

The #1 Single-Most Impactful Thing You Can Do!


Become conscious of the choices you are making every day. Become conscious of the choices you are making with food and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you will eat better later (read: DO something different at a later date). Remember, inaction is action!

Pay attention to the air you are breathing and living in, and recognize that your thoughts are powerful and can help determine your ability to withstand even this stressor. 

Choose carefully what you are willing to listen to! Whether in conversation, listening to music, or hearing daily reports of current events. What decisions you make on behalf of your ears has an immense impact on your overall health. 

Lastly, our tongue is powerful! We can easily understand how this is true from our own experiences of being on the receiving end of hurtful words. 

Yet, we may tend to overlook how we can harm ourselves with our own negative words about ourselves, our family’s and others.

Keeping your emotional frequency high is the first and best line of defence against the impact of nanobots that can enter our bodies.  When we are resting in emotional states of love, joy, peace, and harmony, we don’t have to expend so much energy on fighting against these influences.  Our body in this state is resistant to becoming weighed down physically and emotionally, and can thrive with whatever challenges come our way.

About The Author

Years ago, Kari set out to make changes in her life due to feelings of overwhelm of raising a family amidst health challenges, and the inability to achieve the peaceful life she desired. Soon after, she discovered and began the studies of mind-body science, transformational life coaching, and Quantum energetic healing.

Out of this, she connected with her ability to intuitively support others in their healing process in the areas of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Personal transformational experiences and extensive studies have led her to grow in confidence as a mother, healer, coach and support for her children as they have moved through different stages in life. Clients from countries around the world have benefited from support and healing in these areas.

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