As an energy healer of 30 years I’ve watched spirit technicians rewire human consciousness as a matter of course.

For them it is easy and obvious. And it is their experienced skill to observe consciousness energy flows and matrices at ever subtler levels.

Nano data is stored in light waves. All quantum particles are made of light waves packed with nano code. Consciousness.

Consciousness is not centered in the brain. It is held in all quantum energy.

Light waves carry unlimited loads of information, as each light wave is paralleled in every higher frequencies or dimensions. Thus creating a vast multi-dimensional, infinite-leveled ocean of intelligence.


When partnering with spirit technicians I follow them as they focus into intimate and complex pathways of information gathering.

In most cases we are observing origins of soul trauma for a client.

And those origins can trace back to beginnings of a soul’s birth into individuation. Thus a long trajectory of soul history, soul experiences, soul lifetimes and soul memory is explored in these quiet assessment moments with my spirit friends.

They observe the quantum light waves – and all higher frequency octaves of each light wave – within that person’s cosmic electromagnetic field.


They read quickly and easily the nano code in the part of the field they are observing – and then begin rewriting the code. Literally.

The code governs the quality of the emanations of light coming from each wave form. The code is of course loaded with consciousness and information. Instruction.

Instruction to the overall field of the individual – co-ordinating humming frequency fields nestled within each other. Together creating either a disharmonious or harmonious whole being.

I hope this description helps you understand that this life is brief and full of opportunity to perform at your optimum love and harmonious state.

All it takes to access this fast change is for you to begin to partner with your personal spirit technician helpers. 

About The Author

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Communicator, Alicia Power is an educator and mentor for Healing Through The Soul Field, using Advanced Spirit Technology.

Alicia has been initiated and trained by Creator Spirit Beings for 30 years. These intense decades of soul training have built numerous partnerships at extremely senior levels of spirit. This has resulted in her holding ‘spirit authority’ to activate fast change in a person’s soul evolution, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership.

Alicia is a regular guest on consciousness tele-summits, has authored over 20 transformational courses. Her YouTube channel has over 1 Million views and her monthly live transmissions from her Creator Being Spirit Tutors upgrade your soul light and accelerate your ascension.

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