Written by Gene Ang, Ph. D.

Multi-dimensional healing means that you are healing more than just the physical dimension. There are two models that can be used to understand multidimensional healing. One model is called the Four Body Model and the other is the Seven Body Model. The Four Body Model and the Seven Body Model are referring to the same experience or reality but slicing the experience up into less or more parts depending on the model.

The densest dimension in the Four Body model is the Physical dimension. This refers to the physical body; and, it also implies a physical environment in which that physical body functions within. The next dimension is the Etheric. The Etheric dimension includes the prana, chi, or bioenergy level. When one talks about the acupuncture meridians, chakras, or energy body, one is referring to structures in the Etheric dimension. The next level is the Astral dimension. The Astral dimension or astral body is composed of the emotional body and mental body. Here one experiences the effects of the astral body when one has specific thoughts and/or emotions.

The final dimension after the astral is called the Ego spelled with a capital E. This does not refer to the well-known Fruedian ego which refers more to the personality. The Astral dimension of a person fits more with the ego which Freud described. Rather, the Ego in the Four Body Model corresponds more to one’s Higher Self. This is your “I AM” presence or your Divine self.

The Seven Body Model simply expands certain bodies or dimensions of the Four Body Model into other dimensions in their own right. The Seven Body Model keeps the Physical dimension and the Etheric dimension but expands the Astral and Ego dimensions. The Astral dimension is split into the Emotional and Mental dimension. The Ego is split into three dimensions: Causal, Spiritual, and Divine dimensions.

The Causal dimension is also referred to as the Karmic Dimension. This subtle body houses your karmic seeds and propensities. It also carries the blueprints or designs for all the lower dimensional bodies. The Spiritual dimension is even more subtle and fundamental compared to the Causal dimension. The Spiritual dimension can also be thought of as the Soul level of a person. The Divine dimension is the highest dimension and unified with Source or the Godhead. The Divine dimension is non-dual consciousness and therefore has no polarity or duality. Every dimension below the Divine is in duality or polarity within the Seven Body Model. There is both light and dark in these dimensions below the Divine dimension. Both energy and consciousness permeate all these different dimensions.

Scientific Materialism

Multi-dimensional healing takes into account all these different dimensions of a person, place, animal, or thing. This is in stark contrast to our current scientific model which basis reality fundamentally in the physical dimension. What appears in the physical dimension is what is real and such phenomenon as thoughts or emotions are generated fundamentally from the physical dimension. This model where the physical dimension is primary is referred to as scientific materialism.

Scientific materialism, for example, would imply that if a person no longer had a brain or physical body that the person’s consciousness and his or her thoughts and emotions would no longer exist. These processes are effects of the physical body in this model. Healing modalities based on scientific materialism assume that the primary importance in healing is noticing something changing in the physical dimension. Within this model, people have a tendency to focus on the physical dimension because most of humanities consciousness and lessons are occurring in physicality. Humanities consciousness is currently riveted to the physical dimension.

A multi-dimensional model of healing allows for a change to this firm over emphasis on the physical dimension. For example, many times in healing there is a sense that the healing is successful only when there is a change noticeable on the physical dimension. However, a change in one of the other dimensions (Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Causal, Spiritual, or Divine) may or may not immediately bring about a change in the physical dimension. Has healing still occurred?

This is where healers and clients get lost as to focusing on the results of the healing rather than on just doing the healing and allowing whatever results to manifest as needed on whatever dimension it is needed. A physical result may not be what is needed is some cases. Usually people focus on results that the healer or client can be aware of with their conscious mind and tend to be what can be documented physically. Many changes that occur in higher dimensions such as the Causal, Spiritual, or Divine dimensions cannot always be registered directly by the conscious mind. However, these types of healings tend to have a longer lasting and profound effect compared to changes that occur in lower dimensions such as the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, or Mental bodies.

From a larger standpoint we would not be in physicality if it were not serving the purpose of teaching us something on this level. However, a multi-dimensional model suggests that we are beings with many aspects, levels, and other facets of reality that are just as real and true as the physical dimension. The models described above that are used in multi-dimensional healing do not deny the physical dimension or physical body and its effects. It simply expands the worldview and aspects of a person to a wider scope. This in turns allows for more avenues for healing and healing effects to take place. There are many established and emerging healing modalities which take this multi-dimensional aspect of a person into account.

Manifesting Using a Multi-dimensional Model

The idea in most metaphysical teachings regarding creation is that anything in a lower dimension, for example a building in the physical dimension, first existed in a higher and more subtle dimension, for example as an architectural design in the mental dimension. As the idea or thought form gathers more energy and motion, it eventually manifests into the physical dimension.

Multi-dimensional healing works on the same principle. The multi-dimensional healer is usually applying his or her energy, consciousness, and intention at a higher dimension of the client with the hope that this eventually affects or influences a lower dimensional process. For example, a Qi-gong or Pranic Healer will clear and sweep the etheric body of energetic debris with the hope that this clears and affects the physical body in the same way.

You can also use this process of creation to meditate about the existence of physical objects. Take for example a chair. If you take this chair and look at it, you realize that before that particular chair existed in the physical dimension, it first existed in the mind of the designer who imagined the chair. Even before the idea of the particular chair existed in the designer’s mind, on an even more subtle dimension than the mental dimension, the archetype of the chair existed and gave rise to the idea of this particular chair and its unique design.

After the designer had this idea, he then went about crafting the chair and gathering other people, places, and things to actually build the chair. Eventually, over time the chair manifested in front of you as a physical chair. This is the template for the act of creation that occurs for everything that exists in the physical world. One of the profound insights that can be taken from this meditation is that all things are interdependent: they rely are a variety of causes and conditions that give rise to something in creation.

Our notion of objects and situations is that they appear to be self-existing as if generated complete and whole just as they appear. When in fact using this meditation or thought process above we realize that there are a myriad number of causes and conditions that are needed for anything to appear to us in creation. This is very important to remember in healing because there is a tendency for healers as well as clients to think that the healing technique or healing session is the end all and be all of the client’s healing. This is a mistaken notion. The healing session is just one of many causes and conditions that will lead to the outcome. This puts the healer, the healing session, and the client in proper perspective.

A very powerful way to heal is utilizing methods that work on higher dimensions such as the Divine, Spiritual, or Causal Dimension. In fact, based on the idea that all the lower dimensions are caused by the higher dimensions, if a client or healer could heal from the Divine dimension then all other dimensions could be readily affected since the Divine dimension is the most pervasive and subtle dimension in this model. Perhaps it is by remembering the divinity in each person that we come to the deepest form of healing. All other types of healing on lower dimensions (Spiritual, Causal, Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical) are simply an emanation of this core healing from the Divine.

Multi-dimensional Healing Using the Morphogenic Field

One of the most powerful concepts in multi-dimensional healing is the use of morphogenic fields of information. A morphogenic field is an information field created by two or more individuals or components. It could be two or more people, two or more animals, or two or more spiritual beings for example. This information field is made up of the information fields of the individuals, is connected to the individuals, but is also independent of any one individual. As each individual information field develops in consciousness the entire group morphogenic field also develops and becomes more complex. This complexity in turn reflects back and affects each individual connected to the group.

An interesting phenomenon is that a morphogenic field among individuals can be seen as a being of its own. People can then learn to interact with the morphogenic field of the group of this being. In some esoteric circles, this being is referred to as a super-astral being because it is composed of the astral bodies of all the members of the group.

This morphogenic field is something you can work with in the case of a company, school, or organization. For example, when a group gets together to learn a particular healing modality, the class can be run from the morphogenic field of that healing modality. Depending on how complex and well-formed the morphogenic field of the healing modality is the class participants can easily download into their subtle bodies the information of the techniques because of all the prior participants of the class contributing to the information field of the modality. It will be easier to learn the techniques of the modality as the morphogenic field of the modality becomes more mature and informed. Also the effectiveness of certain techniques and healing frequencies increases as more people participate in the healing modality. This is explained by the increase in the complexity and breadth of the morphogenic field of the healing modality as more individuals connect to its information field and thus inform it.

The Essence of Multi-dimensional Healing

Why is there a need for multi-dimensional healing? A deeper question is why do we experience suffering? Without suffering we would not develop compassion. It is the catalyst for something higher and better. Rudolf Steiner mentions that “wisdom is crystallized suffering.” Also, in many powerful shamanic healing techniques, the underlying basis for the motivation behind those techniques is that the shaman takes on the suffering of the individual or the community in which he or she serves.

If this world is dream like in quality as many of the non-dual spiritual traditions attest, then suffering or hardship within the dream is not to be avoided but to be used as a powerful instigator to develop compassion towards others. When we have to go through intense difficulties in life, this can attune us to what others may be experiencing that is similar or even worse. If situations are always going well, it is easy to gloss over other people’s pain. One of the best ways to deepen compassion is to use hardships on the spiritual path.

Compassion is the essence of healing: to see someone else’s needs above one’s own. It starts us down the path of being a healer. It is easy to forget how much others suffer because we tend to minimize, soften, or blur the edges in order not to fully know what others are experiencing. Multi-dimensional healing requires that healers remind themselves daily why they came and what their motivations are.