The Law of Attraction Is Just Like Google

I think that Google is an awesome example of the Law of Attraction at work. In fact, I see it as not only an example of the loa, but also as an analogy for how the LOA works!

Think about it…


You have a question, you want to know something.  But if you don’t ask it, you don’t get a response! So you have to ask.

Google and other search engines have really helped vocalize more of humanity’s questions!  How many questions do you ask of Google that you wouldn’t ask if you didn’t have access to it?

Before the advent of the internet, how many questions went unanswered? Of even better, how many questions went unasked?

I know I sure didn’t ask as many questions back in the 80s and early 90s.  I didn’t know Google (and I also didn’t know the Law of Attraction!).

I’m not at all surprised at how much the world has progressed since the internet took hold.  We’re asking more questions than ever, and this is leading us to new ideas and innovations at an exponential rate.


To use the Law of Attraction to get the things that you want, you have to believe that they are on their way.

When we have doubt, they do not come.  When we have faith, they show up.  It always boils down to our belief.

Each of us has a strong belief that if we type in our questions into Google, we will get a response.  Sometimes, we get just the answer we are looking for, but if we believe our questions are too vague or obscure, we don’t necessarily expect to find the “right” answer right away.

If we believe the answer is buried too far into the internet, or we don’t know the right way to ask the question, sometimes we give up the search before we find what we want. This too, happens in life.

We DO however have a belief that we will get something, and that the journey to our answers will begin when we start asking questions. 

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About the Author

 Andrea Schulman is a Law of Attraction educator and coach who works with people around the globe, teaching the LOA with fun, clarity & success!