Empowered Manifestation – 7 Essential Factors for Positive Creation

Empowered manifestation is the creation of desired outcomes and it is a process that has fascinated me since I stumbled across the Law of Attraction back in 2008.

I remember feeling inspired and uplifted when I discovered the Law of Attraction early in 2008. It was at a deeply emotionally challenging time in my life when I had all manner of family issues coming at me, a husband unable to work because of physical problems and we were in serious financial difficulties, deeply in debt with very little income. We had cashed in our few investments and were living day to day using our credit cards, trying to maintain an image of affluence and success.

The concept that we are responsible for the world we create and our outcomes was completely new to me. Like most people, I had been taught that circumstances happened ‘out there’ and I had to deal with them. But I had reached a point in my life when I felt so beaten down by circumstances that I had to find another way, a better way, of living. I was working really hard and getting nowhere. I guess a lot of people get to that point and it’s either make or break, give up or go on.

The Law of Attraction as portrayed in the movie ‘The Secret’ seemed to be the answer. Just think positively, use affirmations, visualize my dreams and create a vision board and everything I desire will magically fall into place.

Unfortunately it didn’t work that way for me, and I suspect it doesn’t work that way for most people. I was working hard on keeping a positive attitude, keeping a journal, writing affirmations till the cows came home but I was still in debt, my husband was still miserable and sick and I was still dealing with crisis after crisis in my family.

Did I lose hope? No!

I intuitively believed in the process. I had to discover more about how it worked and, most importantly, make it work for me. From that point on I embarked on an amazing journey of discovery…

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About the Author

Jan Moore, aka The People Seer, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach. She helps heart centered visionaries, spiritual seekers and change-makers reach their highest potential and fulfill their purpose by clearing the limiting beliefs that sabotage their success and by awakening their unshakable self-confidence. She provides practical life and business strategies plus intuitive guidance, sprinkled with spiritual and metaphysical principles. Get your FREE copy of her Dream Achievers Success Kit or apply for a complimentary ‘Bust the Blocks to Unstoppable Success’ Strategy Session at aSmilingWorld.org.

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