Inspired Action – The Empowered Way to Achieve Your Purpose

Motivational speakers talk a lot about action, taking massive action, action, action, action… This implies that you must take action non-stop. Just DO something towards your goal.

The empowered person knows that it is inspired action that counts.


Because inspired action works with the most powerful partner – the Universe – in perfect synchronicity.

Why is inspired action so important?

As humans we tend to think in linear terms but in the Universe everything is interconnected.

Each of us is here for a specific purpose and we are working in collaboration with other people, whether we are conscious of it or not. Everyone we encounter and everything we experience is significant and part of the Divine Plan.

Visualize a complex project plan with tasks, resource allocations and interdependencies. If something happens out of sequence, it affects the whole plan by altering or delaying the outcome. The synchronicity is disrupted.

By living our purpose we are playing our part in the delivery of the Divine Plan and by following Universal Laws we stay in alignment with the plan.

When you take inspired action you are working in harmony with the Universe and allowing everything to unfold in perfect timing to deliver the desired outcome.

When we focus on taking action for the sake of action we disrupt the sequence and jeopardize the outcome by forcing things to happen within our time frame, unaware of the BIG picture.

Our purpose is not just about DOING, it is also about BEING and so the Universe takes us on the ‘scenic route’ to deliver perfect situations to facilitate our spiritual growth as well as giving us the knowledge and experience we need to achieve our outcomes.

You know, if we went everywhere on the freeway to get to our destination as quickly as possible we’d miss the delightful little towns along the way, we’d miss the chance conversations with lovely people and miss the joy of the journey in every present moment. Life is about enjoying the journey, not just getting from cradle to grave as quickly as possible!

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