3 Methods to Maximize Your Health

With our world’s societies plagued with sickness, sadness and stress, it’s almost rebellious to take good care of your health. Now of course there are pockets of people who pump their physique for the primary purpose of vanity, but effective health management is much more than just working and toning your body.

The word ‘health’ has etymological roots which define it as ‘whole’.  So when you think of being healthy, it’s wise to consider what layers of your life need attention to bring your whole experience into a functional and productive synergy. In other words, your personal well-being is much more than just the common description of ‘physical and mental health’, it’s a myriad of mirrors which reflect the wholeness of your being.

What follows, therefore, is a sharp snapshot for maximizing your health holistically.

1 – Love Your Body

Let’s start with the most basic. Your physical body is a biological computer. It requires certain inputs to operate functionally. The first step is to be smart about what you put into it, especially the food (medicine) you feed it.

For example, with a food supply that is laced by a corporate culture hell-bent on testing out whatever cheap, artificial ingredient they can to maximize their profits, we’re bombarded with a rich tapestry of genetically and chemically modified products that struggle to resemble real foods. Plus, the monocultural model of industrial-agriculture ensures that many nutrients we need are not in the synthetically produced diets they manufacture.

Therefore, an organic, nutrition-dense diet that avoids toxins from both the plant and meat industries will always be a wise move. Couple this with fresh rainwater (or water from other natural sources) and you’re already on your way to detoxifying yourself from a sick food system and maximizing your physical well-being.

Without going into too much detail, here are some other important aspects of physical health to consider:

  • Sugar, especially the processed varieties, should be minimized because they’re addictive and cause various diseases, including obesity and cancer;
  • For meat-eaters, a predominately plant-based diet with natural and ethically-produced meat is a must, especially because excessive meat consumption is linked to diseases such as cancer (along with a plethora of negative environmental impacts);

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Phillip J. Watt is an author, presenter, researcher and health coach who lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, listen to his Podcast on SoundCloud or Itunes, watch his films and video interviews at his YouTube Channel or visit his websites Pushing the Tipping Point and Vitality Guidance.