Elon Musk seems to believe it’s entirely a possibility.  Recently the billionaire CEO and CTO of SpaceX and co-founder and CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, shared at Code Conference 2016 that it’s totally possible.  Elon shared that he believes the odds of us not living in a simulated Universe is “one in billions,”.  In other words, our existence is really just a simulation.

Is life a video game? | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016

Here’s the Idea: An objective reality is one that cannot be changed through our perception.  This is what’s known as a ‘base reality’. Elon believes it’s highly unlikely that we are living in a base or ‘unchangeable’ reality. So what does this really mean?

At You Wealth, like Elon, we know that reality is moldable, changeable and in many respects totally subjective.  So when you change the underlying matrix that is projecting reality, reality must change.

Like Neo discovered in the Matrix reality is simply an illusion that we can transform, shape and mold.

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So here’s the bigger question: How Do You Change the Reality Matrix?  If we can modify the version of our own individual simulated reality then we can change anything in our lives.  So what creates our own individual reality program?

Travel with me down the ‘rabbit hole’ as I share a few startling revelations. These are things that we continually incorporate into our daily calls, writings and are part of our mission:

1) Your life experience or reality program is held together by your own beliefs, thoughts and programming.

2) This ‘reality program’ is very much like a software program that projects a certain set of functionality on a computer screen.  The computer screen is your brain and the walls and limits of your reality program are based on perceptions you hold.  Remember we do not actually see with our eyes because our eyes are only projecting data to our brain.  Our brain or ‘reality program’ filters this based on what we believe or the programs we are running.

3) When we shift our deeper programming then what we see or our ‘reality simulation’ changes often times instantly.

4) Love is an ‘override’ program to the entire simulation of this reality.  In other words when we open up our hearts to love we turn on a master control switch that transforms the entire simulation. It’s kind of like the ‘control + alt + delete’ function on your computer.  Its stops the whole simulation and lets us re-choose what we want running.

5) Most of us are running a program that is not of our choosing. Society has been running simulations of fear, scarcity, loss and judgment.  Once we choose to love our own hearts we can fully embody the ‘Be You’ truth of the You Wealth mission.’Be You’ really means you exit the matrix and turn on the ‘un-program’ of self-love and love for others.  This is the true potential of all humans in the matrix reality.  It’s the ‘un-program’ or master intelligence that is free from limited parameters within the walls of this simulation.  Love is the ‘override’ program that allows you pass through the simulation and into infinite awareness.  This in turn, transforms the world we see, feel, hear and experience.

6) Through this  ‘glitch’ are free to operate from the Infinite and outside of the simulation.  As more and more people do this and the numbers grow…the whole world is pic3transformed.

Let me know what you think…