Four Simple Ways to Attract Financial Abundance

Would you like to attract financial abundance into your life? Many people in our society find that they are drowning in debt, with little savings, and the bills are rolling in day after day.  Financial stability can seem completely out of reach.

Fortunately, with the Law of Attraction, it is possible for anyone to attract financial abundance.  While wealth may seem impossibly far away now, there are actually lots of little, easy strategies that you can use to get the ball rolling quickly.  Below are a few of my favorite ways to attract financial abundance:

1. Use a citrine gemstone.

Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone, and it resonates at a frequency of financial abundance.  I carry citrine in my purse, and in my safe.  It is also recommended that you place a citrine in the focal part of your family room, be it on the mantle of the fireplace or in a visible place on your entertainment center.  If you own a business, keep on in your cash register.

2. Count each financial blessing that comes your way-no matter how small.

If you revel in the small financial windfalls you will attract larger ones.  So when someone buys you a cup of coffee, sends you a gift, or you find a quarter in the street, thank the universe for bringing you that abundance. Get excited about it.  Smile!

3. Get excited for other people’s abundance. 

When you see a luxury car, diamond necklace or are in the presence of a wealthy person you might be tempted to be envious.   Instead, be glad!  The universe is bringing signs of wealth to you, and every time you see something that implies wealth you are drawing it closer to you.  Be excited for all signs of wealth because the more of them that you see, the closer you are getting to fully resonating with financial abundance.

4. Dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed.

I didn’t use to dream for things I didn’t think I could afford.  Now, I make a habit of allowing myself to fantasize about really, really big things.

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About the Author

Andrea Schulman is a Law of Attraction educator and coach who works with people around the globe, teaching the LOA with fun, clarity & success!