Andrea Schulman  of Awakening People writes:

Often, people will treat you with love and kindness.  But what do you do when they don’t? How do you respond when someone says something hurtful, does something mean or tries to provoke you? What’s your best defense?

I used to believe in retaliation, so I used to stand my ground, and fight back passionately in self-defense. However, over the years I’ve realized that retaliation is totally ineffective. It has about a 0% chance of reducing provocation.

So, today, here’s what I try to do instead.

I take a deep breath, and I do my best to let it go. I know that if I can find a way to let go, things will work out for the best every time.

I let whomever wants to hurt me or offend me throw their dagger, I pull it out, and I do my best to get on with my life. I remind myself that the best thing I can do is rise above the provocation without retaliation.

Does this sound this make me sound weak? Maybe so, but I’m not and I know this strategy works, so I’m ok with that perception. Here’s why your best defense is no defense at all:

Why People Hurt Us

We may think that the world is out to get us sometimes, but it’s not. Our world, after all, is simply a mirror of our own beliefs and expectations, thanks to the Law of Attraction.

People only hurt us because of our own expectations.  We expect certain people to treat us poorly, and as a result, they do.

When we label people in our lives as toxic or negative, they usually deliver.  Fortunately, though, the same is true for the people we label as loving and kind!

So I can get as mad as I want to when someone mistreats me, but I know that ultimately, I attract everything into my reality.

Shouldn’t I Defend Myself?

Now, this doesn’t mean that we should just allow ourselves to be punching bags, or we should encourage people to treat us like crap.  It may sound like that’s what I’m saying, but what I’m saying actually means quite the opposite.

When we engage in retaliation, we actually encourage people to treat us poorly. While many people think you have to “defend” yourself, in defending yourself you really only expose yourself to more mistreatment in the future.

When we fight back and throw our own daggers, we almost certainly insure there will be return fire. So if you want to continue receiving blow after blow, retaliation is your best plan of action.

Retaliation, in the end, isn’t your best defense. It isn’t any kind of defense at all. It doesn’t protect you, it endangers you.

After all, if someone was willing to hurt you in the first place, they’re probably waiting on pins and needles for a new reason to hurt you again. Why offer it up to them on a silver platter?

How Do You Prefer to Be Treated? As for me? I like being treated with kindness and respect. I prefer for people to smile at me, give me hugs and positive feedback.  That feels better to me. That’s what I want as often as I can get it.

I like nice drivers, polite cashiers and friendly servers. I like friends who care about me. I like family members who make me feel safe.

So when someone throws a rock, I let it hit me, I lick my wounds, and then I do my best let it go. I don’t push back.  I know that in retaliating, I only create more drama and negativity in my life. I’ve seen firsthand that when I retaliate, I only get hurt more in the end.

No Defense Is the Best Defense

Many people disagree with this philosophy and they believe that the best defense is to overpower your aggressor. To put it bluntly, this is just the ego talking.

Your greatest strength doesn’t come from hurting other people more than they hurt you.  Your greatest strength comes from your ability to face and let go of your pain, without letting it control your life.

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