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As a man who grew up in (and now lives in) a landlocked state, seafood hasn’t ever really a normal part of my diet. You always hear about the lengths businesses go to to have fresh seafood shipped in, but it will obviously never taste as good as the creatures that get caught two hours before they end up on your dinner table.

But, while traditional seafood escapes me, salmon is something I can get on board with. Because I can catch it myself, and then prepare it for myself. And it is delicious. Not to mention it’s chock-full of healthy nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere.

What You Need to Know

If you’re like me and enjoy salmon, you should know that there’s a big difference between the fish that are bred in farms, and the fish that one catches in the wild. The natural flavor of the salmon you eat, how fatty it is and how nutritious it is, all depend on where the salmon lived and how it lived its life.


Color is going to tell you a lot about the salmon you’re about to eat. In the picture above, can you tell which salmon looks healthier?

On the left, we have Alaskan sockeye salmon that was caught in the wild. On the right, we have salmon that was farmed. As you can tell, the wild-caught salmon is a deep, rich red color. This is what you want your salmon to look like. You don’t want salmon that looks as pale as the farmed fish.


The deep red color that we want is determined by how rich with astaxanthin the meat is. Astaxanthin is a red molecule that is found in algae, plankton and krill, and it’s incredibly good for you.

Health benefits of this red molecule include: improved blood flow, anti-inflammatory properties, increased energy levels, and could possibly even increase muscle strength endurance (according to one study).

Wild fish naturally gain astaxanthin from eating plankton, or other aquatic life containing the substance. Farmed fish receive a food pellet that contains a synthetic version of astaxanthin.


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