Andrée Laplante of Awakening People writes:

If you find that you are getting more sensitive to what goes on in your life and in the world, you sometimes feel overwhelmed to the point you don’t recognize yourself and wish you had stayed in bed, you are not alone!

Like everyone on this planet right now, you are reacting to the acceleration of energetic frequencies Earth has been experiencing for years, which is causing all sorts of reactions in people.

The entire Universe and everything around us is ultimately made of energy, and so are we. So it’s normal we would feel fluctuations in the energy around us. We already know how we can be affected by the different cycles of the moon traveling around the Earth. There are just a lot more influences at play right now.

And as the frequencies are accelerating, we are all becoming hypersensitive to what’s around us. We know for instance that we feel better in nature or in the company of our pets, but not so well in the presence of someone who is negative, or when confronted by a negative situation. As this amplifies, we are having a hard time to deal with negativity and often tend to avoid it or badly react to it, which is normal.

Realizing how we are becoming more sensitive can be scary, but it also is a great gift since it allows us to develop our intuition and creativity.

More and more people make radical changes in their life such as exchanging their boring or negative jobs for more purposeful ones, moving away from the city, and even selling everything to travel the world, choosing to find happiness in simple things.

Trying to find new ways to cope with your growing intolerances while dealing with the negative or stressful things in your life is no longer a viable option. You will likely become sick if you don’t change anything. Things only start to get better when you choose to take care of your wellbeing by integrating positive changes in your life, simplifying things and focusing on what truly makes you happy.

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About the Author

Andrée Laplante, Thanks to an unusual education she received from her Source, Andrée offers a new perspective on what we are and why we incarnate on Earth life after life. Source is Andrée’s Soul, her teacher and main source of inspiration. She was guided to discover what is happening in the world to be able to tell others about the future of Humanity from a Spirit perspective. Along with a portion of the teachings she received from Source, what she discovered about our world is described in her recently published book The Future of Humanity. Articles written by Andrée were published on Awakening People with her explicit written permission.