Forever Fixin’ to Fix: Why It’s OK to Be OK and How to Just Be OK With It

Who hasn’t worked at changing something in their lives? It’s kind of the point, right? Well, maybe ‘change’ is more the means, while ‘growth’ could be considered more like the end we are actually trying to get to. And yes, we should always have personal exploration and expression of our gifts, talents, and abilities as well as our quirks, flaws, habits, etc. be at the forefront of our game-plan, but what do you do when you reach a bump? A positive one we’ll call a milestone…Or a negative one we’ll call a plateau…

See, regardless of the bump being what we would perceive as a positive or negative thing, we always seem to immediately go for the latter and assume there’s instantly more to do the second you reach the marker.

The good old ego has us convinced our efforts up to this point don’t count and right now, something new is vitally needed to light a more inspiring, a more encouraging, and perhaps a tad hotter fire under your ass. Immediately, a next step must begin and the celebration (if it was a milestone) is over…

We, humans, are forever fixin’ to fix shit.

Yes, of course, continuing the path past the milestone is necessary to actually complete the goal, but what I’m getting at here is where the heck was the part set aside for YOU? For your rest and reflection? For your soul to absorb all the new found awesomeness you just gained from that new experience and hard work? Where is that time you set aside for yourself to stop focusing on fixin’ shit, and just be OK with being OK for a hot minute?

Many of us are not quite able to love the things we are trying to change about ourselves and I get that sounds rather odd and counter-intuitive. I mean, if we liked this part of ourselves, why would we want to change it, right? Well, yes…and no. As I touched on briefly, everything in this dimension of duality works in reflection and can often appear reversed or backward. We literally live in a world of paradoxes.

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