Zachariah Bourne of MyEmpoweredWorld writes:


Take a deep breath in.

Exhale your breath slowly. Ease your mind. Life is good.

“The time is now for people to believe in themselves. The time is now for it to be okay to be great. People in this world shun people for being great. For being a bright color. For standing out. But the time is now to be okay to be the greatest you.”

– Kanye West

Self love and confidence are new concepts for many people to attach their name to. Most people don’t even know what confidence really is. Confidence is expectation in a positive outcome. Self love allows you to give to yourself the thing that is most important. Most people will not be able to jump straight into loving themselves on day one, it’s a process. It’s easiest to find positive aspects of yourself when you are in a state of appreciating a lot of external things. The better you get at appreciating, the easier it becomes to appreciate yourself. As you become strong at thinking about what feels good, your confidence and self appreciation will go up naturally. When you feel good, feel free to tell yourself “l love you” until you start to believe it. For many, self appreciation will feel like a lie at the beginning, but it’s not that it’s a lie, it’s just unfamiliar. It’s a new concept to many people’s neural patterns.

When you remember that you are the most important thing in the universe, your worthiness goes through the roof. You charismatically shine in every situation.  Your clarity and self-assuredness must be powerful when you KNOW this to the core of your being. All people are born knowing how very good they are. You will find resonance with who you are by knowing the perspective you hold, that your main focus is you.  How you feel and what you think is what you are heading toward. It’s a powerful acknowledgement that may take focus to apply it to more and more areas of your life. Have fun with it.  There is more love for you than there are words to describe it.

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About the Author:

Zachariah Bourne has been empowering lives for over a decade via personal coaching sessions, radio interviews, and webinars. He emphasizes self development through happiness, focus and self love. His passion is sharing uplifting ideas to help people create a better reality.