How Quitting Breeds Success

How Quitting Breeds Success

Mark Manderson of MyEmpoweredWorld writes: “If you haven’t considered quitting, then you’re not doing it right!.” Once I grasped this powerful statement it transformed my entire mindset.  Before I would allow obstacles, frustration, and any barrier to deter me from conquering my dreams.  I had negatively reinforced the pattern of giving up as any great accomplish…

A Guide to Becoming Your Greatest Self

Becoming Your Greatest Self: A Guide

Zachariah Bourne of MyEmpoweredWorld writes: Breathe. Take a deep breath in. Exhale your breath slowly. Ease your mind. Life is good. “The time is now for people to believe in themselves. The time is now for it to be okay to be great. People in this world shun people for being great. For being a…