7 Ways To Discover & Embody Your Highest Purpose

As you probably already know, you have seven main chakras in your body; seven energy centers that related to the different aspects of your life. Each one is very important and it has a particular need. When you can fulfill all the seven needs of your chakras, your life naturally soars.

I’ve created a series to show you how to fulfill the need of each of your chakras. I give you seven ways for each one. These are not just theoretically suggestions, but things that have worked for me and my clients along over the years as we have grown and transformed.

In this article, I show you seven ways to fulfill the need of your throat chakra. If you haven’t yet seen the previous video articles for this series, you can access them here:

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The need of your 5th chakra is to fulfill your life purpose. Here, in the throat you have a need for authentic (truthful) expression, growth and contribution. When you add all these together, they point to your deepest purpose.

Here are 7 Ways To Fulfill Your Throat Chakra Need for Living Your Highest Purpose

1) Do what you love. We are hardwired so that our purpose IS our passion, so all you have to do is tap into what you really, really love, and you’ll move more deeply into what you came here to do.

2) Make a list of people who inspire you. Then look at the list and figure out the common denominator between them. People inspire us because we admire them and want to be like them, so look to see what the people you admire have in common, and you’ll shed light on your life purpose.

3) Tell the truth. Not the kinda, sorta, white lie truth, but the whole truth. I’m not talking about your opinions of others. That’s opinion, not truth.

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