I work with many light warrior sensitive souls who have been on the spiritual path for many years.  Many have done a lot of work on clearing past traumas, emotions, and limiting beliefs while on their path to manifesting abundance.  Those that are familiar with, and not afraid of, acknowledging and releasing dark energies such as curses, vows, contracts, entities, extraterrestrial influence etc., sometimes have the advantage of being able to discern true light from false light.

This type of work is absolutely important, but there is much more healing beyond clearing blocks and negativity in order to experience 360-degrees of abundance in all areas of life.  I’ve noticed that some clients that I work with are not being held back by negative energies, but in contrast, are “missing” or disconnected from specific high-vibrational morphic fields or blueprints.  For example, you might be missing the morphic field of Joy, Peace, Love or Oneness, and if that is the case, it can be very difficult to embody and manifest 360-degrees of abundance.  The good news is that we can “download” or reconnect you to these missing blueprints easily.

So far, we’ve mentioned the removal of negative energy and the “downloading” of positive energies. Another aspect of abundance has to do with what I call Divine Alignment.  100% Divine Alignment means that your conscious desires are in alignment with Source and your Divine Path, (the true reason you’ve incarnated on this planet in this body).  For most people, what they consciously desire is in full alignment with their Divine Path.  I have, however, documented a few exceptions in testing people over the years.

In one case, a woman had the desire to be hired as a successful screenwriter but was having a lot of trouble getting anyone to produce her work. The Divine alignment score was low for her earning money as a screenwriter.  However, on further questioning, we discovered that she was also interested in producing.  When we tested that possibility, we got a Divine Alignment score of over 95%.  She wasn’t able to manifest what she consciously wanted because there was a higher path for her to pursue, which was becoming a producer and being able to have full control over her screenplays.

One more common issue preventing the manifesting of abundance has to do with the clarity of your vision.  Usually, when I start working with a client, the first thing I have them do is visualize their ideal future reality.  I usually coach them on how to communicate this reality and then test whether this reality is in Divine Alignment with their Divine Path.  For most people, it is.  However, it is possible to miss out on some details that often results in missing energy for manifesting.  In the 7-point abundance assessment that I share below, you can figure out if this is true for you.  One of the most common energies missing is fun.  Yes, that’s right, fun.  Every single client that I tested as missing “fun” admitted that they had forgotten to add “having fun” in their vision!

One of the least-discussed topics related to abundance is what I call Abundance Challenges.  Simply put, abundance challenges are any situations or experiences that you consider uncomfortable or obstacles.  In order to become masterful at manifesting, you have to quickly catch when you are experiencing abundance challenges, and be able to respond consciously (instead of just reacting).

Obstacles are a part of life, and in fact, are a good sign that you are ready to go to the next level of abundance.  Each perceived obstacle is an opportunity for you to respond with the highest vibration possible, but even if you don’t, the Universe will keep giving you similar types of challenges until you do.  Repeating cyclical challenges are a sign that you haven’t responded “appropriately” in the past and are being given another chance to do just that.  There are many categories of abundance challenges and being able to “train” your ideal response will help you manage future challenges quickly and easily.  The ability to overcome abundance challenges with ease and grace magnifies your ability to manifest quickly!

Last, but not least, understanding and honoring Divine Timing helps you to relax when you’re not noticing any positive results from your intentions.  Divine Timing requires us to be patient, faithful that our “dreams” are manifesting at the perfect time for us.  Anytime you demand upon the Universe a deadline, you actually dishonor Divine Timing and push your manifestation further “away” from you.

Because I love clarity and empowerment, I’ve created a simple 7-point Abundance Assessment tool that helps you discern “what is left to heal?” when it comes to manifesting your greatest dreams.  Here is how it works:

Step 1: Imagine your future reality already manifest through all your senses, as if it has already materialized.  Feel into it as much as you can, so that the Universe knows what you are testing.

Step 2: Command to be 100% connected to Divine Source in all the ways that are possible, and with Divine Muscle Testing ™ or dowsing, ask what is left to heal before this vision can manifest? Use the categories below as a guide. The percentages delineate what is left to heal in each of the 7 categories:

  1. ____% Negative energies that still need to be processed and healed
  2. ____% Positive energies/morphic fields that need to be downloaded and activated
  3. ____% Divine Timing (just need to stay high vibe and be patient)
  4. ____% Misalignment with Divine Path (what you want isn’t Divinely aligned)
  5. ____% Unclear Vision (need more details in your vision)
  6. ____% Abundance challenges that still need to be experienced and overcome
  7. ____% Other – additional information that you need to know about

Step 3: You can ask further questions within each category so you can heal what is currently available to heal, using whatever modality and method work for you.

All the numbers should add up to approximately 100%. Some of the categories may be partially nestled within another so you might get a little over 100%.  Once you know your percentages, you are empowered to heal each category and can retest once you’ve done some healing work.  If your healing is on track, the percentages for Divine Timing should increase (in other words, you just have to stay on the same vibration and wait for what you want to manifest) and the other numbers should decrease.

Using my TOLPAKAN™ healing method, we can often clear huge chunks of negative energy at one time.  I call it a “mass clearing”.  Oftentimes, many people get stuck focusing on vows, curses, contracts, entities etc., releasing them slowly one by one, through each lifetime/past life.  With mass clearing, unless you really need to acknowledge a particular energy, you can clear literally thousands or millions of negative energies all at once, within seconds.

With TOLPAKAN™ healing, you can also quickly discern what positive morphic fields are needed (if you need to know what they are), and be able to download and activate them, again within seconds.  The fun thing about doing your own 7-point abundance assessment is seeing your progress over time.  Keep in mind that healing occurs in layers, so you may be able to release seemingly “all” the negative energy in one sitting, only to find a tiny bit shows up the next time you test.  When that happens it usually means other layers of negative energy are now available for healing.  It doesn’t mean you’ve attracted more negative energy between tests, although possible.

In the category above called “Other”, you can test whatever pops into your head (Divine guidance) to see if it is what you need to know to manifest your dreams.  The most common “other” I’ve found after doing many of these assessments are Soul Mission.  Sometimes people have to be clear on their foundational soul mission in this lifetime in order to manifest abundance.  Using the Soul Mission Matrix™ you can find out what soul type you are (earth angel, indigo, starseed, empath etc.) and what energies you are responsible for bringing forth or reinforcing in this lifetime.

When doing this 7-point abundance assessment with my clients, I’ve noticed a trend.  Those that have already done a lot of spiritual work and released a significant amount of negative energy, will tend to have a low percentage in category 1.  A low percentage is anything under 15-20%.  In contrast, those who are relatively new to the spiritual path often test between 40-60% in this category.  With regards to category 2, positive energies, there are no major differences between those who have done a lot of spiritual work and those who have not.  It seems that “downloading” positive morphic fields are a relatively new concept and practice.

Knowledge is power.  Understanding where you stand when it comes to manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of can help you know precisely what areas of your life need healing.  Just note that although this is an overview, you can get very detailed in your questioning within each of the 7 categories in the 7-point abundance assessment.  Feel free to comment below to let me know how this article has been helpful to you.

Download the TOLPAKAN 7-Point Abundance Assessment here.

Author Bio:

Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine and the Founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method.  As a mentor and healer/trainer, she helps Light Warrior sensitive souls harness their superpowers, express their soul’s mission and experience joy in the process.  You can receive a free Light Warrior Empowerment Kit at LightWarriorSupport.com.

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