“Momentum is an extremely important component of the Law of Attraction, and one that is often overlooked!” says writer, Andrea Schulman. After the holidays, Andrea reflected on the effect that relaxing for a couple of days had on her energy level. She is usually very busy and has no problem to get up and go, but after the holidays, Andrea found herself struggling to do the things that she would do just days before. Below is her testimony about the importance of momentum.

No, I wasn’t drunk last night, I’ve just got an energy hangover.

The first sign of an energy hangover? I had absolutely zero interest in climbing out of bed this morning. I would go so far as to be dramatic enough to say it was sheer agony.

Why?  Well, it’s all about momentum.

For the last few days, I’ve been able to forget about work and relax.  I’ve allowed myself to sleep in, stay up late and eat whatever I want.  After doing these three things for a few days, I’ve gotten myself on a much different energetic path than I was on just last week.

Suddenly, I’ve transformed from a productivity machine into a slow moving sloth. The woman who just last Wednesday managed to watch the kids and run the business while wrapping presents, cleaning the house and making cookies is struggling today to just get up and take a shower.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a similar energetic hangover from time to time.

So, what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Well, with the Law of Attraction momentum accumulates with focus and attention.  The more days we sleep in, the harder it becomes to wake up early.  The more junk food we eat, the harder it becomes to say “no” to the Christmas cookies. The longer we sit on the couch, the harder it is to get up and go to the gym.

It’s all about momentum and inertia.

So, if you are feeling like me today, and would like to get back into a more productive and efficient lifestyle, use momentum to your advantage.  All you have to do is take a few small steps, and let the momentum gently build.

For example, instead of trying to wake myself up at my usual 6 am call time, I set the alarm for 7:15 this morning to make things a little easier on myself.  I’ve just set two small goals for myself that I know I can accomplish. My plan? Get this blog finished, take a trip to the store and then see where things take me. Both of these things are usually pretty easy for me, so I haven’t stretched myself too far this morning.

I’ll just keep taking small steps throughout the day, and experience tells me that by the end of the day I’ll be feeling much more like the old me.

With just a little bit of momentum, you will find that the hardest part is just getting going. Starting from a dead stop is the biggest challenge, but once you start moving momentum makes the next steps much easier.

My momentum today is already beginning to shift. After the initial agony of attempting to wake up and get moving, I feel the energy is starting to move again.  Now, all I have to do is keep taking small steps toward productivity, and the Law of Attraction will speed things back up for me.

It’s really that simple.

Use momentum to help with your goals this week, whether you want to get back into a productive mode at work, pick back up your gym routine, lose some of the holiday weight, clean your house, or just get happier.  You’ve got to be “up to speed” with what you want in order to manifest it, but through momentum you can ease your way into it.

Remember, the first steps are the hardest, so take them slowly, and just keep moving forward little by little.  Like a snowball rolling downhill, the momentum from your first movements will begin to compound with the Law of Attraction and you can get on to a preferable energetic track pretty quickly.

h/t: http://consciouslifenews.com/momentum/11105051/