Matthew Scott Donnelly of writes:

There’s two different realities going on from within the world. One reality is that which exists from within the universe in which the world is as it is and therefor is perfect.

And the second reality is that on a logical level from which the collective mind has hit utter nirvana.

When I have a discussion with others about spirituality, I find that they have coined people spiritual and not spiritual so it got me contemplating what it means to be spiritual and if there is a such thing.

First and foremost, everyone is spiritual from the standpoint that every single human being has a soul.

Secondly there some who are on a spiritual journey and there are some who are not. With this being said what does it even mean to be on a spiritual journey. Well aside from the limitation of these words a basic fundamental view can be that someone is trying to awaken.

The essence of awakening can mean to directly experience and know the divine relative to how the world has molded you in this existence. What are some characteristics that point in you in the direction of experiencing the divine?

The understanding that you are NOT your mind.

The experience of this is going to crumble away everything that you ‘thought’ you were.

Consider everything that your mind has created.

1. Thoughts

Your thoughts have been created from the world of now and created through the history of time. History has created a conditioning ripple effect on how we view the world today.

The true essence of creativity comes in the form of silence; the soul is only activated in silence when there is no mind. When there is a mind the mind is coming out of the world, the soul is giving birth to a new world.

Your thoughts are NOT who you are.

2. Name

Well technically you were given your name, but your name was given to you be the ‘THOUGHTS’ of your parents. Your name is not who you are, it’s just who you are called in your life. It is necessary to make your way around in this logical world but far from who you are.

3. Personality

Your thoughts and beliefs are the direct reason of how you view yourself and how your personality has been created.  And because your thoughts are NOT who you are then your personality is also not who you are as well.

4. The Material

You Find Joy InThe materials you find joy in are great, they make our lives more fun more enjoyable but again, any material that has been created from thought and is outside of us is NOT who were really are.

5. Emotions

Your emotions are your bodies reaction to your thoughts, and because you are not your thoughts you are also not your emotions.

Anything that comes and goes is not who you are. The soul is constant.

When the mind has created all of your problems, challenges, stress and anxiety all of this called the pain body has been developed from the collective world pain body. Because it is in the way we are thinking that has created this.

The problem is the NOT, I repeat it is NOT the pain that the mind causes, the challenge is the lack of awareness that the mind is what is causing the pain and suffering.

Once you are aware of what is causing the pain and suffering then it will eventually be let go of.

And as Eckhart Tolle says “Once an illusion is recognized as an illusion is then becomes disillusionment.”

The thought that you are not your thinking.

Even when conceptualize that you are not your thinking, you are still not engaging with the divine of what you really are.

It’s one thing to understand that you are not your thinking it’s entirely different experience in the DIRECT experience. And the only way that the direct experience of the divine can penetrate is through silence.

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