Little Edith Fuller just made history by becoming the youngest contestant to ever qualify for a national spelling bee.

The homeschooler from Tulsa, Oklahoma triumphed over 50 other kids – some of them reportedly three times her age – in the regional Scripps National Spelling Bee last Saturday. Now, Edith is on her way to Washington, D.C. for the nationals.

The youngster won after correctly spelling “jnana”; an obscure Sanskrit word for knowledge.

Other words included in her winning repertoire are “virgule”, “sevruga”, and “odori”.

Edith’s mother apparently detected her daughter’s knack for spelling at a dinner table when she correctly spelled “restaurant” – which, while it may not be too difficult for an adult – had never been taught to her before.

“It’s fun to share her with everyone,” Edith’s mother, Annie Fuller, told Tulsa World. “I knew she’d be a novelty, so I’m proud she held her own.”

(WATCH the video below)

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