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​With the Law of Attraction, what we think about, we create in our reality. Therefore, if you’re worrying about imaginary problems, you are actually in the process of bringing them through to fruition!

Problems don’t exist until we create them. Therefore, worrying about imaginary problems is actually the only “real” problem any of us has. First you imagine them, then they appear.

So, are you worrying about imaginary problems? Here are a few clear signs to let you know for sure:

1. You are focused on the future more than the present.Like it or not, the future is an unknown, because you haven’t created it yet!

You only live in the present. If you are in the habit of thinking in the future more than the present you are likely very often in the process of focusing on imaginary problems that “may” occur.

If you find that your thoughts are wandering to the future most of the time, make it your intention to get your head back in the present moment. The only problems you actually have are ones that are staring you directly in the face right now (not somewhere in the past or future). The vast majority of the time, there aren’t many of them and they aren’t life-threatening.

2. You try to protect yourself by taking extra safety precautions regularly.Have you ever noticed how much society is focused on safety these days? It’s borderline OCD, if you ask me!

Make no mistake about it, the only thing that actually “protects” you from anything is your high vibrational frequency and your positive expectations. Being relaxed and going with the flow is the only guarantee of harmony in your life, regardless of what you may have been taught or seen on the news. Anything else we do to protect ourselves is just an attempt to control “what ifs.”

Of course, by all means wear your seatbelt and look both ways before crossing the street if this gives you a sense of peace inside. Feeling at peace is important, so do what you have to do to be relaxed about life. Again, a high vibrational frequency is your best protection, so do what you have to do to ensure it.

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About the Author

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ She teaches people about the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking .