Wisdom Pills: 7 Reasons Life Really Doesn’t Begin Until 40

I vividly remember my mother’s 37th birthday. We had many guests, and the party went on until quite late. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves, but all I could think was,” My mother is getting old, hope she doesn’t die.” At that point, 40 seemed so very far away that I couldn’t possibly imagine a day would come when I would reach that ripe old age.

Now I’m older than she was on that day, and do I feel old? Not at all. Actually, I feel like life is just beginning! I am in fact, having the best time of my life. And, I’ve realized that this is the youngest I’ll ever be — time to enjoy my youth.

So what has changed since my childhood? Is it just my perception?

With the increase in life expectancy from 50 in the beginning of the 19thcentury to 80 currently, it is obvious that what we consider old has changed. At 40, we’ve barely lived even half our lives, and myriad possibilities abound ahead.

Having finally reached that defining moment, I can now see things from the other side of the hill, and they don’t look anywhere near as bleak as I had imagined. Sure, there’ve been a few changes in my body — most things travelling south, of course. And my skin is not as taut as it once was, along with a slight thickening around the equatorial region. These things notwithstanding, I am a big fan of being in my 40’s.

And just in case you’ve bought into the (terribly widespread) idea that your 40’s are the beginning of the end, here are 7 reasons to believe otherwise!

1) You Are Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

You’ve now lived with yourself for 40 years, and have finally become quite familiar with yourself, inside and out. Yes, gravity may be beckoning various parts of your body, and you’ve got a new vocabulary including words such as ‘flabby’, ‘thick’, ‘plus-size’, ‘wrinkles’ and ‘grey hair’, but there’s also a new-found confidence and comfort level with both your body and your persona.

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Source: consciouslifenews.com