Relax! It Can All Change in an Instant

 If you’ve been worried about where you are or what you haven’t achieved yet, I have a quick message for you. It can all change in an instant, so relax!

People have a tendency to be either very forward or very backward-looking, and this often gets us stuck in a holding pattern when it comes to our progress. Instead of moving on to greener pastures, we resist the change that can come easily and quickly.

The downside of too much forward-looking:

Those of us who tend to me more forward thinking often get anxious. “Why hasn’t it happened yet?” Becomes the prevailing motto.

Instead of moving quickly to the next level in life, things drag on taking much longer than necessary. After all, if you are constantly in the mode of wondering why it hasn’t happened, the universe will match your thought pattern. You will wait, and you will wait and you will wait.

Beyond that, though, there are other downsides to forward-looking. Even when dreams come true, the forward-lookers often barely pause to enjoy the triumph. They’re already off worrying about the next thing to come.

The downside of too much backward-looking:

The backward-lookers tend to get stuck in regret. When things don’t work out, they dwell on the “failure” rather than seeing the opportunity that exists in the current moment.

Their prevailing motto? “I missed my opportunity.”

The result? The universe matches this belief structure, and opportunities to get to the next level appear to be in very short supply.

Relax and let go.

Here’s the thing to remember though, things can change on a dime. In fact, they often DO when we finally give up the forward or backward-thinking and choose to live in the present moment.

I’ve seen time and again in my life that when I just relax and make it my main priority to enjoy my day, things go my way.

Suddenly, a problem that’s been bugging me for weeks resolves itself. A new idea that will push me forward to the next level shows up. Something I’ve been wanting for awhile suddenly becomes available to me.

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