At some point we probably had the thought that out of billions of planets it would be mathematically improbable that we would be the only sentient race in the whole universe, but maybe we dismissed that idea. After all our science, education systems and religious systems have been denying that for a very long time.

Some of us know differently though, through first hand experience, dreams, or maybe just through a strong sense of “We’re not alone”, or maybe we just fervently hoped we weren’t alone and that someday we would finally get to make contact.

Star Brethren are real it turns out, and not only that, but this universe is as filled with sentient, often space faring life, just as our own planet is rich in bio-diversity! It also turns out the bi-pedal model with two arms and two legs and two eyes is a blueprint the Universe is particularly fond of and reproduces often! How wonderful is that!

Oh, and many of them Like Us, Care for us and are invested in how our species evolves and will work with us directly given the right circumstances. Who knew?! We’re not Alone!  We have friends and Star Brothers and Sisters out there!

When our time comes to Know, we learn this and it’s a learning which can’t be forgotten. Our firsthand experience replaces those former thoughts, beliefs and wishes!

About The Author

Rev. Angie was first contacted very directly in 2012 about 4 months after the Awakening of Consciousness by an Orion named Loren the Orion Ambassador, who spoke to her about her immediate future and the Path she was now called to live. He also helped her get her head straight concerning other intelligent life in the Universe by gently showing her the incorrect programmed bias and belief that humans were the ‘only intelligent life forms’ that she had inside her.

Her next contact was around 2017 when a Pleiadean named Osan came into her life and out of that came a close working relationship was developed over the intervening years.

By the time Osan came into her life she’d already become a Healer, was a Psychic, a Crystologist, a Reiki Master, and had become an ordained Reverend. She manufactured Orgone Generators and Solfeggio Frequencies from re-remember information from Lemuria and Atlantis and was making other useful tools to evolve consciousness and heal the body and mind.  She had also founded the Inner Passage Mystery School, teaching the Gifts of Spirit to others and assisting them to explore and activate those gifts inside themselves.

Her life was utterly dedicated to serving others and to shining the light of compassionate love into this world when the Pleiadeans and Osan, in particular, decided it was time for her to open her mind and heart a little wider.

The Pleiadeans began giving her codums (a form of energy transmissions based on Antonian Physics which is a 12th dimensional understanding of Physics) to use with students and clients the following year and within a couple years she was given 2 very useful implants, the Codum Beamer which assists her to transfer energy faster and more effectively over large distances, and the Antonian Stone and to see the human DNA blueprint and make alterations to create healing in the human body.

Her study with the Pleiadeans continues actively to this day, and in fact she needs to wrap this blog post up as Osan is coming shortly to prepare and teach her for whatever he next has in mind to expand stretch and expand her to serve the Light and humanity more readily.

This Journey is not hers alone, it can and has happened to many humans…….

It begins with Not Knowing. When we have Beginners Mind we are open to much Greater Potential. When we think we know something we have more ridged neuroplasticity and are telling the Universe we’re not interested in learning much more. Being a Loving Being it obliges us. 

Yet….We are not alone! Say Yes to possibility, say Yes to expansion! Say Yes to all forms of Love and Connectivity and Learning! Far more than we can imagine is possible and even probable in this Universe!

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