Lion’s Gate After Effects – Everyone has been talking about this powerful energy vortex called the ‘Lion’s Gate’.

But Is it Too Much Energy? As you know its a time of powerful ‘Spiritual Re-birth’ and re-awakening your ‘higher understanding’.

While this can be a powerful time for manifesting and creation… many in our community report feeling ‘burned out’ or fearful of the future – if you need energy help we’ve re-opened ACTIVATIONS – click here.

Here’s 4 energy tips to help you ‘Tame SCARY the Lion’ in your own life:

  • TIP # 1: Allow yourself to go inward – The ‘Lions Gate’ energies can magnetize us to want to go outward in the creation process, but sometimes this can be ‘stressful’. Remember that creation does not start externally, but internally with very subtle energies. Because the Leo / Lion’s Gate energies are BIG and want to ‘ROAR’ be wary of putting too much pressure for outward creation. Start inward with just a subtle feeling or thought that brings your joy. Then create from there. Still feeling stuck? We’ve got numerous re-OPENED activations to help!
  • TIP #2: Focus on the process of inner manifestation – While manifesting is an outward creation event it must start from within. So if you are feeling impatient, anxious or like things are just not happening for you, CONVERT your manifestation goal to an INNER feeling first. This can simply be a feeling, a thought, a memory or imagining a scene that brings you joy or allows you to experience your dreams coming true! Start now and see that this is the first brick of the manifestation you desire.
  • Tip # 3: Take time to ask the question “Is this mine?” – Often times these energies bring us a connection to the deeper ‘collective’ struggle’ happening on the planet. Because this is a hyper-focused energetic time (and with all the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of our world) its easy to ‘feel’ the chaos around us. To ‘tame the lion’ and make it work for you, ask yourself the question, “Is this really mine?” and if it is not then proceed to feel, experience and enjoy the feelings, dreams and desires that are your own. Instead of letting the chaos of the world affect you create from the joy that is YOU! Need deeper clearing for something really heavy? Check out our 1-on-1 help sessions here.
  • Tip #4: Take small steps to your big dreams –Finally, take small steps in knowing your are loved, whole and complete. Big dreams happen when small feelings, actions and steps are honored. So take those ‘honorable’ small steps and let them be the foundation for the new life you desire. You never want to create from lack or feeling like you don’t have ‘something’. Instead create from wholeness like we do during our sessions.