If you saw my last update called, ‘Taming the Lion’, hopefully you already performed Tips 1-4. If not go back and read it.

The big question was “Is it Too Much Energy and How Do We Master It?”

Many in our community report feeling ‘burned out’ or fearful of the future – if you need energy help we’ve re-opened ACTIVATIONS – click here.

Today I’d like to focus on how to AWAKEN the ‘real’ lion or truth inside of you. Here are 3 steps to magnify your manifesting:

  • STEP # 1: Calm the Energies Around You and Start Journaling – Over the next week, one of the most powerful things you can do is to get connected to your ‘inner truth’. This is the part of you that is silent. This part of you is below the level of the conscious. Its below the levels of fear, wants, wishes. Its the place of stillness and peace. Take 5-10 minutes and just write. Feel overwhelmed still? We’ve got numerous re-OPENED activations to help!
  • TIP #2: Do One Thing and One Thing Only – While manifesting is an outward creation its not 4 or 7 creations at once. Its one decision that you do will full intent and focus. So, for example, if after journaling you have desire to go for a walk – DO IT! But here’s my warning: Don’t look at your phone, the news, social media or call a friend. Just do that ONE THING – walk! The Universe is calling each of us to reflect and live our highest truth. That comes from focusing and ‘living within’ our power and our own energy field. Avoid pulling in any other ‘gunk’ from the outside world – this is YOUR TIME! That comes from focusing full with peace on ONE THING at a time.
  • Tip # 3: Feel Into What Comes Next For You – As you live in that focus watch for the next thing that comes into your heart or mind. What is the next ‘blossom’ that wants to flow through you. Be present to the still and almost ‘silent’ voice within you. Your focus during this time will OPEN UP for you YET another area to focus on and live from. In this you can TOTALLY re-create your life and existence. This focused-intentionality is the NEW world of creation from the heart that we all seek. Turn off the chaos and fear of the world and focus on these energies to serve, love and re-create your life! Need deeper clearing for something really heavy? Check out our 1-on-1 help sessions here.