About Kourtney Levens

Kourtney Levens is an Angel Therapist® who uses her extraordinary abilities to connect with angels to give you a sense of validation. Her gift includes the ability to see, hear, and feel your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side, so you can receive messages from heaven. Kourtney has helped many people with issues surrounding their health, careers, romance, and a myriad of pressing issues. The messages you may receive will help guide you on the right path or even include spiritual homework to assist you to communicate with your angelic team.

Kourtney helps your Angels communicate with you! Your Angels are always with you and they want to help you. Kourtney works with people of all ages, races, religious beliefs, and backgrounds, so everyone is welcome.

Kourtney is a favorite of You Wealth Revolution listeners and is also Darius’ personal angel reader. Some of her clients range from best-selling authors, political diplomats, business executives, spiritual leaders, and even celebrities! Her clients love her and cherish the opportunity she provides to be in contact with their Angels.

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